Most of us have seen the famous photo of the late, great Charlton Heston as he held his reproduction musket and uttered the famous words; “From my cold, dead hands.” Long one of my heroes, Heston was a friend of our Second Amendment firearm liberties for most of his life, and as President of the National Rifle Association for 5 years he stood firm and strong in his support of our Constitutional liberties, constantly reminding all of us that without the Second Amendment, our First Amendment freedoms could soon be taken from us. In that, he was most certainly correct.

Now that great enemy of collectivist tyranny is gone from us, but his words and beliefs still live in those who value the liberty bequeathed to us long ago by equally brave and eloquent men. Today the enemies of our Second Amendment rights are in power in our national government— indeed, they reside in our White House, in our Congress, in our Justice Dept., in our State Dept., in our Supreme Court, as well as in the governorships of some of our states and in the office of mayors in some of our cities. But one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous, enemies of our Second Amendment rights lurks in a den of Marxist progressives and despisers of freedom along the East River in Manhattan. It calls itself “The United Nations,” and claims to be the only hope for “peace on earth.” In actuality it is a vast conspiracy of those who despise real liberty, who hate Christian values and Christians in general, and who plot constantly to destroy the concepts of national sovereignty and individual freedom, and merge all of us into a One World Dictatorship, with the United Nations bureaucracy, and its strengthened military arm, enforcing its will on all nations that foolishly have relinquished their sovereignty to this evil, Godless coven of devils.

Now a new, serious threat is threatening to emerge from the petty tyrants and invisible bureaucrats who infest the United Nations organization, a threat that Americans had better take very seriously, for it involves neutering our Second Amendment right to “Keep & Bear Arms,” and seeks, ultimately, to disarm all law-abiding Americans— in the name of “fighting terrorism!”

By the time you read this article, our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, may already have signed this new U.N. Small Arms Treaty, despite the apparent discord and disagreement which, we are being told, has “hamstrung” U.N. members from agreeing on a final version. This sinister treaty, if approved by our Senate and signed by President Obama, will mandate the U.S. to take certain actions, ostensibly to “fight terrorism,” “battle insurgencies” around the world, and “prosecute international crime syndicates.” Sounds pretty reasonable at first glance, doesn’t it? In actuality this proposed treaty, many years in the making, is nothing more than a “massive GLOBAL gun control scheme,” according to Sen. Rand Paul, a man whose opinions I respect. Mark my words, my fellow Americans and lovers of our Constitutional liberties (at least those we still have).

This U.N. Small Arms Treaty, being pushed so quietly but so hard by “our” President Obama and his fellow Marxist progressives in The District of Criminals, has as its true objectives the registration, banning, and CONFISCATION of all, or at least most, firearms presently owned by private American citizens!

It should be no secret to Constitutional Patriots that President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Secretary of State Clinton, and at least four of the nine Supremes, are ENEMIES OF OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, despite their protestations to the contrary. Their actions over their entire careers belie their claims that they respect the rights of Americans to “keep and bear arms.” Believe me — they DON’T respect or support our Second Amendment rights which are among the “Natural, or God-endowed” rights which were pre-existent to our Constitution, and merely codified therein.

From various released versions of the proposed U.N. Small Arms Treaty (also being referred to in our progressive-dominated main stream media as an “International Arms Control Treaty), we can get a good idea of what this “treaty” has in store for Americans. As soon as Hillary Clinton signs it, this despicable pandering to tyranny will be sent to the Senate. IF our Senate votes to ratify this treaty (a vote that surely wouldn’t take place until after the November, 2012 elections), the U.S. would be FORCED to do the following:

• Enact harsh licensing requirements which would make it even more difficult for Americans to overcome bureaucratic red tape to own a firearm;

• Confiscate and DESTROY all “unauthorized” civilian firearms (but of course weaponry owned by “our” government would be excluded;

• BAN the trade, sale, and/or private ownership of ALL semi-auto weapons;

• CREATE AN INTERNATIONAL GUN REGISTRY, which would surely set the stage for full-scale firearms CONFISCATION from American citizens, an action which history has confirmed is the ultimate goal of all tyrants.

We’ve often heard the wisdom: “Fear the government that fears its citizens.” That axiom is especially true in our day, when not only is America surrounded by countries that have already denied firearm freedoms to their citizens, but which is governed by “leaders” who deny that our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms is an individual right granted to ALL lawful citizens, but applies only to members of State Militias. The Founders of our America must surely be spinning in their graves.

All Americans should have long ago realized that since its founding by Communists and international banking subversives 65 years ago, the U.N. has hated the United States and the freedoms codified by its Constitution. All Americans need to come to the realization that the U.N. wishes only THE WORST for America and Americans, and is an assembly of various petty tyrants, pompous socialist leeches, and sinister bureaucrats with their own agendas; all under the “guidance” of the shadowy “gnomes of international banking” who use the U.N. to attack the only still relatively “free” country on earth—the U.S., which to them isn’t Reagan’s “shining city on a hill,” but is an OBSTACLE to their grand designs to control the entire earth.

So, dear readers, once again the “ball” of preserving our liberties is in our own court. If and when this newest attack on our constitutional rights is sent to our Senate, as it soon may be, we must launch a massive counterattack against this U.N. Small Arms Treaty. We must let our Senators know that we expect them to preserve our rights and abide by the oath they all took to ‘protect and defend’ our Constitution, particularly our precious Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms,” now and into the far future. Our liberties are being threatened more by domestic enemies than by external enemies. Failure by patriots of all stripes to defeat this latest evil attempt to convert us from “citizens” to “subjects,” from free people with the means to defend ourselves and our families, to cowering slaves afraid of the dark, will assure that the rest of our Constitutional rights will eventually be subverted by this Satanically inspired organization called The United Nations, and its willing accomplices in “our” government.

If we let that happen, we’ll deserve the loss of liberty that will surely come upon us.


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Mike Scruggs