The War Within

At first glance, it seems we have a misprint, but, not so ... ADAM, the first man created, according to Biblical Scripture, was made from the dust of the ground and given the ability to reproduce himself; thus the human race became a reality.

The term “dust” is understood as being very small particles, grayish in color and always present.  We can take this word and carry it a little further into yet smaller degrees of existence.

Under the microscope we would look deeper into its configuration and discover that there is more to this object than “meets the eye”.

Our Creator, in His Magnificent Construction of the Universe and all that is manifested, has Designed a Unique and Powerful Concept that the scientific community calls the ATOMIC STRUCTURE.

This writing will be an attempt to “connect the dots”, so to speak, and give a little more understanding as to the conf1ict that seems to generate a continuous state of WAR.

This will not be an easy venture, therefore readers are encouraged to make an effort to contemplate, analyze and put much thought into what is being written.

Hopefully, at this point we haven’t lost too many, but those who would like to continue, let’s do just that.

First of all, much credit must be given to the many physicists, who throughout the centuries have made marvelous discoveries as to how our Creator “programmed” all creation...there is yet more to learn, as discoveries are developed every day.

What we have learned, so far, is that the ATOM consists of two opposing forces - a Positive charge and a negative charge - BOUND TOGETHER by the Electromagnetic Force.

The study of the atom is so profound and intricate that it takes many years of dedication and commitment; yet there is so much more to learn. For this particular writing, we need not go any further than what has been stated.  Our understanding now, is that the atomic structure is the Foundation of this three dimensional-time/space reality we live in.

The natural phenomenon of “opposition,” or opposing forces that occur within the atom manifests itself in all circumstances of daily life. It seems so obvious! How can we deny it?  If we really think about it, we can see that these questions...”Why is there always some sort of discomfort in everything, why are there so many wars going on, why can’t we all live in peace? ... are answered. If we can at least understand that the conflicts that we face are meant to be, and not be concerned with the why, but be “empowered” to find out “how.”  In other words, accepting that we are in a creation of Positive and negative forces, and it will not change until Almighty God “realigns” the atomic structure into a totally New Dynamic ... Such as a New Heaven and New Earth.

In understanding ourselves, as creatures made up of atomic particles, should not take away our faith and trust in a Mighty God whose Knowledge and Understanding far exceeds ours!  It is His Will that we search and research His Creation, and acknowledge His Wonderful Works.

What shall we say then, concerning our existence in a world of such Goodness as well as evil?  Life and death, Light and dark, Prosperity and lack, etc., etc.?  Our actions are to discover promote Life, and deal with death; how to ensure the continuance of the form of knowledge and fight darkness, in the form of ignorance... to insure that prosperity provides the Good things in life and “hinder” the progression of lack.

Since the electromagnetic field binds the nucleus (positive charge) to the electron(negative charge)and vice versa, we can also say, that as humans we are electrical beings.  To finally put this all together, in a way that is understandable... these analogies may help:

A painting is made out of reflects the colors and texture of its basic ingredients ...  it cannot be anything else ... the same is said of coffee made from coffee beans - paper made from wood pulp, etc., etc. These products manifest their basic components... so do we.

It is now time to connect this “dot” to another, but, it is important to clarify the fact that the opposing forces within the atom are neither Good nor Evil; they are the basic constituents of matter, from which we are made.  They support the whole system in which we exist, therefore, Positive and negative are descriptive terms we use. Sometimes a negative report can be Good, and a Positive result bad... depending on how the word is used.

This might seem a far leap from our subject matter, but in reality it is not.  The WAR within manifests itself into the WAR without.  As the atom, all things cycle, or rather revolve around the basic pattern of “pull and push”.  We might say, pulling away from anything derogatory is a constant, as well as pushing towards a worthy goal.

It is here that we will “connect” our understanding of the atom to America’s fight for existing as our Founding Fathers intended.

We are at WAR...we will ALWAYS be at war...this fact must be taken seriously.  It is not the “Why” anymore, it is the “How” we FIGHT to keep our country from being swallowed up in the negative ramifications of what Americans consider as evil?  The opposing forces of bondage and Freedom are continually struggling to gain their own advantages... the same can be said of prey and predator...which is Good and which is evil?

The American standard and way of life has always lead to individual prosperity, innovations, greater individual health and j ust causes. This being said, is not the ideal of the opposite force.  The power of the “left” is not the same as the power of the Right.

Just for the sake of clarity, let’s say that the nucleus of the atom is Good/Right, and the electrons that revolve around it is bad/left... the nucleus of the atom is ONE, and does not revolve around the electron, WHICH MAY BE MANY.  Therefore, the stronger pull would be exerted by the keep the electrons circling around it.  The power of Good will always keep evil at bay...the only time the negative can overpower the Positive is when Good gets “lazy”.  Such has been the situation of these wonderful United States...for the last fifty years.  We have enjoyed our prosperity and indulged in the victory brought about by the Second World War. This “sleepy, comfortable lounging” has caused us to lay down our Arms...allowing the influx of negative circumstances to goad us into a Third World War!  Yes, it is time to “Wake Up,” and put on the ARMOUR of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Just do the Right thing, it’s what the left cannot fight against.  Truth will always prevail over falsehoods.  The nucleus will always be the center of the atom, and Life will always WIN over death.

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me ye might have peace.  In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”      ~ John 16:33

As we can see, this writing can only touch on a few instances of our challenges, as it would take the writing of a book to go into a deeper evaluation of our manifold situations.

In summing up what we are attempting to understand, it is important that our minds be open to the awareness of a Great Author and Designer in our midst.  He is ever aware of our circumstances and is ready to be of assistance at any time.

The minute particles of our makeup behave as they have been “instructed” since the beginning of Time. We had no part in their manifestation, but all creation is a “reflection” of their existence.

The “powers that be” are in a constant struggle towards Life or death. We are to choose our side, whether for Good or evil...stand strong and fight...not asking “why” we fight, but “how” shall we fight...with what weapons?

Since the atomic structure revolves in a cyclical pattern, so do all the life situations around us.  America’s cycle has brought it back to the days of our Founding Fathers, as the negative forces push against the Positive powers of advancement.  It is time to be vigilant, and un-afraid in our pursuit of Goodness and Right “things”.  Be encouraged, this is a “Good War” ... AMERICA IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

The whole concept of this writing is to encourage and edify us as we “struggle” to hold on to our Faith and Country.  As we study world history, we can see that America, and the dream of personal freedom and prosperity, came out of the “womb” of bondage and despair.  This idea took many centuries of gestation before it could be born in a land designed to nourish and support its reality.

For over two hundred years our young men and women have fought to help preserve a nation that has elevated the human scene to a high degree of great and Good accomplishments ... the fact is:


Evil will not go away, it is here to stay...we can only destroy its “works”, and keep vigilant, not allowing it to prosper in any way.

There will always be opposing forces; the whole creation proves this from the very foundation of our existence... the battle continues.

In His Infinite Wisdom, our Creator has Designed within the human body a “fantastic army” that keeps us in Good health...the Immune System.

What shall we say then, concerning “games”?  Are they a form of war? It seems so.  In its simplest form, even a game of checkers, ignites the defense system into action as the opposing players strive to WIN.  From football games, and all the rest of the “ball” games,we have a society that is in a constant state of challenge.  Is this not a “simplified” form of war?

Bouncing the pros and cons around in our minds, while trying to decide which is the best solution... is this not a battle, that many times causes fatigue and this not a “war game”?

And WAR, we is mandatory!  The Creation demands it in order to survive... there is no room for pacifism, as many would have us believe, It is simply a ploy to rob Good of its defenses, as evil secretly builds its own!

Winning and losing both have their own set of emotions that prompt further competition; the cycle continues.

It is here that we might “associate” the electromagnetic field that holds the opposing powers “in play” to our own attraction to engage in challenges, debates, rivalry, contests and the such.  There is much to learn about the atom and its powerful influence over our lives, as we make this profound attempt to understand our Atomic Makeup.

There is much more thought and contemplation that can be put into this writing, almost to the point of never ending. When we realize that this fantastic Universe that we live in demands our attention, and beckons us by its beauty, as well as frightening us by its power for destruction ... we are awe struck!

The desire of the ages has always learn and discover, to live in a protected state, and to develop a greater understanding of our Creator.  We have barely touched on these subjects, but we can see that they are connected to our very existence.

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His Might.” - Ephesians 6:10

Thoughts and comments are always welcome.


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