They are everywhere – people with masks across their faces, covering their mouths and noses, making breathing difficult, opting to keep rebreathing the toxic exhaust that their bodies were designed to get rid of, all in the name of improving the Creator’s design – stupefied people who have lost the ability to think for themselves. Whether they believe there is a real virus threat and that the masks will help, or they aren’t sure what they believe and are just going along to not make waves, they telegraph a Truman Show reality that is all contrived. 

 In some stores almost 100% of the people there are mindlessly, or spinelessly, succumbing to a political attack against America the likes of which the world has never seen. Most noticeable are their eyes above the mask, projecting accusations back at us who aren’t into street theater for fear-based political reasons: “Why aren’t YOU wearing a mask? Why don’t you care about me and others? Why do you reject THE SCIENCE?” They are faces of fear. And, sadly, of ignorance. It makes one want to grab a PA and shout at them, “What’s wrong with all of you people? Have you forgotten how to THINK?” 

For the true scientific mind, that knows how to think and question, there is NO scientific evidence that the wearing of 99% of these “masks” does anything at all to prevent the transmission of any virus, but there is TONS of evidence that covering the face with a piece of cloth – especially one that is handled and re-worn … one that is relied upon to convey some level of protection – is a very UNhealthy thing to do. It is all, as medical doctor and US senator Rand Paul pointed out to a squirming Tony Fauci, theater ... a fact that is proven every time we see political figures, from the illegal occupant of the Oval Office on down, slap one on quickly whenever they see cameras, then go back to partying with naked faces as soon as their political brownie points are won.

This is criminal hypocrisy. Only very specific, very expensive face masks have any effectiveness at all in preventing the transmission of a virus if, in fact, any real physiological virus actually exists. The masks that we have all been told to wear in this circumstance are but a hanky stretched across our face to keep us from sneezing upon our neighbors. Cover your mouth! And how insulting is that to a person who is perfectly well? See, it is not at all about protection from the transmission of any real bug or disease. It is all about compliance and putting us into our places under the thumb of the oligarchs who would rule us and, ultimately, destroy us. 

Fauci told the truth about masks almost two years ago when he said that masks were useless against this sort of outbreak. He said that masks are a SYMBOL … and any thinking American can fill in the blanks as to what wearing a costume mask does to prevent transmission of a disease that is fictional. The masks are a symbol of compliance to Big Brother, of resistance to Trump, of anti-Americanism of the first order, of acquiescence to the lies of the devil … of a death wish itself. 

Consider the “vaccine” that is not a vaccine but that may well prove to be the greatest genocidal tool in human history … 

Behind any vaccine theory is the foundational idea that God messed up - that He did not do a good enough job when He created our bodies. That in and of itself is a wicked and fatal flaw. But if for the sake of argument we follow the basic vaccine theory, it holds that a little virus introduced into the body will provoke the body's natural immunity response such that antibodies to the virus will be produced sufficient to ward off a more serious attack of the virus later on. Inherent in that theory, however, must be the existence of an actual virus. In the case of the SARS CoV-2 virus (“COVID-19”), as it has been named, there is no laboratory OF record ON record as identifying, establishing, and proving that it has any such virus in captivity in isolation (separate and apart from any other substance, toxic or inert). Presumptions are made about the alleged virus - presumptions which members of the general public tend to swallow without question when presented by a credentialed “scientific expert” - but a series of quite simple and yet unavoidable questions will strip bare the emperor and establish that the idea of a virus is completely unclothed with the facts needed to qualify it in any way as actual science. But from the naked presumption that a virus exists, pseudo scientists (and politicians, worshipping at the altar of “The Science”) have conjured up what they identify as its RNA, and, on the basis of that RNA, have produced what they call a vaccine … which is not a vaccine but is, by definition, gene therapy – alteration of human DNA in such a way that the body’s immune system is irreparably altered, if not completely destroyed … IF the shot recipient even manages to survive the shot itself. Note that: the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports that over 18,000 people have died this year from the vaccine itself, and it is estimated that reporting to VAERS represents only about 1% of the total … which could indicate that around 2 million people have died this year from the “vaccine.” Even the inventor of the messenger RNA protocol, a liberal Democrat, says that its COVID application is hurting people, manipulative, breaking the rules, and flat-out evil. 

Bottom line: this is not a vaccine by any medical or legal definition. It is experimental (or worse) genetic re-engineering. And it is killing people in droves … while the “virus” that it is supposed to protect from has never killed a single person … because IT DOES NOT EXIST.

There is, as a matter of proven scientific fact (“proven” as in deliberately not established to be what is claimed, despite glaringly ample opportunities, and integrity-required necessities to do so), simply, no SARS CoV-2 virus (“COVID-19”) virus in existence. 

Ah, but, some will object, that can't be true, for the testing has proven that we have many, many cases of the virus making people sick. Actually, no: a “case” is not an instance of actual illness but merely a claim that some tiny portion of the “virus” has been found within a person’s body. But go back to the basic foundations of the scientific method. If there is no virus in a laboratory against which to compare what may be found in a test of a human body to see if that virus is also in that body, how can anyone know that a "virus,” which itself has not been proven to exist, resides inside that body? How do police compare the fingerprints from a crime scene with the fingerprints of a suspect if there are no fingerprints from the crime scene on record? On that basis alone, testing must be discounted, but there is more … 

The test used to create claims of the existence and spread of the virus is the PCR test, which was not designed to measure the amount of an actual substance in a body, but only its minutest presence as evidenced by RNA presumed to be that of the alleged substance, and it was designed to be run at below 35 cycles if it is to produce an accurate result. Fauci himself stated publicly that “almost never” can (nor does) the PCR test produce a true positive result above 35 cycles. Nevertheless, the "medical authorities” at the FDA and other “public health agencies” have directed that the test be performed at 40 cycles or higher, which produces a false positive reading of over 93%. In other words, the test over-amplifies a tiny portion of the test specimen until it finds what the testers want it to find. It is like a judge sending a jury back to deliberate over and over again until they come out with a guilty verdict. And then, once a “test” says that “COVID” is present, it is counted a “COVID case,” and any death for any reason at all gets counted as a “COVID death.” Which, of course, calls for more and more “COVID vaccines” which are not vaccines. But the entire population of the planet is expected to bend over (or roll up their sleeves) and take it. The whole thing is maddening. 

Take the mask off. Say “NO!” to the injected serums of the doctor of death. Say “NO!” to lockdowns and mandates, to closures and “social distancing,” to mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting (the original purpose of the invention of this phony plannedemic), to the evil Communists who are illegally occupying both the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States government at present. Use your brain … while you still have one. Before long, that will be illegal, too.

For VOLUMINOUS research and answers about the fake pandemic, the virus that does not exist, and the non-vaccine that is killing humanity, visit 

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