The Obama and Romney campaigns are defining their opposition candidates. Democrats have defined Romney as a rich, out-of-touch criminal and tax cheat who wants to take the country back to the failed policies of Bush that caused all of our current economic woes that Obama is in the process of fixing but needs more time to complete.

The Romney campaign defines Obama as a “nice man,” a good husband and father who means well and is very “likeable.” According to the Romney campaign, Obama has tried to solve the country’s economic problems, but has failed, because he is not competent to do so. In their view, all we need is to elect someone who is more competent than Obama to do the job.

Both definitions are inaccurate. Romney is neither a criminal nor a tax cheat, nor is he out of touch. Obama is definitely not a nice but incompetent man. He has not been a “failed president” in terms of accomplishing his goals, as has been alleged by Republicans. He has been very successful at what his true goals and intentions are. His goals are not in agreement with the Constitution of the United States. Therefore, he has violated his oath of office.

The Romney campaign spent three nights in Tampa trying to accurately define their candidate. They did a good job, however the Democrats will spend three days this week attempting to demonize a decent man. They will be unmerciful. They will be untruthful. Tragically, they will be believable and with the help of the leftist media, the ignorant masses that hope to feed at the public trough and continue to follow the increasingly fat-cat leftist-led Democratic Party will stupidly believe and repeat every falsehood.

The Romney Campaign, much like the misguided McCain folks before them, in my view, has made a possibly fatal mistake. They apparently learned nothing from the McCain loss. To date, they have failed to accurately define Obama, and time is running out. The difference is that the McCain people would have had to speculate on performance based on what Obama said and his past record. Romney has no excuse. The four years of Obama are a matter of public record and informed citizens who have been paying attention know the Obama record. Those who have not been exposed to the conservative media or the public record do not know the truth and must be informed if they are to avoid casting uninformed votes again in November 2012.

The view that President Obama is a “nice man” is an allusion.  He is definitely not “incompetent.” His history, words and deeds describe him as a thoroughly trained, indoctrinated and committed Marxist. He is also sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood which has many goals in common with the Marxists. Both seek the destruction of an economically and militarily strong constitutional republic in the United States of America.

By adopting the incompetent “nice man” approach to Obama, the Romney Administration has virtually abandoned the foreign policy arena to the Democrats, and Republicans can never out-promise Democrats in domestic affairs.

The truth is that President Obama’s objective is to bankrupt our financial system, demoralize and dismantle our defense establishment, and destroy and nationalize the free enterprise system that has fueled and made possible the highest standard of living the world has known. His administration would undermine and destroy the Christian church that has invoked the blessings of God on our republic, and brainwash the future generations of American children to be compliant to a socialist dictatorship and totally dependent on a strong central government for all the necessities of life.

Two profound questions remain to be answered. Why are Governor Romney and the National Republican Party hesitant to tell the truth about President Obama? Do they fear triggering rebellion, should Obama somehow remain in office?

The second big question pertains to Obama supporters. With the record to date of the Obama Administration, how can prominent Democrats who have become wealthy taking advantage of the constitutional protections and free enterprise system of our republic continue to support this administration? Do they expect to be part of the ruling class and benefit from the redistribution of wealth, or is it something even more sinister?

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