The Republican Party at the State and County levels is undergoing a major planned transformation. Traditionally, the direction of the party has been from the precinct level up. Within the past two years, the direction has been from the top (Republican National Committee) down. This is not a new idea; it is copied from Obama Democrats who are intolerant of dissent.  The state party leadership, in most instances, has been brought in line with the desires of the RNC. Those at the grass roots who “rock the boat” and support unapproved change are considered to be disloyal to the party and are, if possible, forced out.

Most county Republican leadership in South Carolina has been brought into compliance and has bragged that they are making progress by bringing in new younger recruits to the Republican Party.  Those party workers and activists associated with Tea Party, libertarian causes or anti-Republican-in-name only activities have been made to feel unwelcome and have been silenced, forced out or departed by their own initiative. In Greenville County, the transition took place quietly and mostly without public notice. It is estimated that as many as 30 to 40 active party officials are no longer active in the party and have been replaced.

The people engineering the transformation of the Republican Party at the local level sincerely believe they are strengthening the party. Like most of the South Carolina Legislature, they apparently believe that numbers, political power, influence and money are more important than being true to conservative principles and passing legislation advocated by the Republican platform.

Some Republican members of the legislature will openly admit that without open primaries, where Democrats can vote for Democrats posing as Republicans in Republican primaries, Republicans would not have a majority in the legislature.

Many South Carolinians are living under the illusion that Republicans control state government. It is a mendacious deception that some leaders of the party and elected officials want their followers and constituents to continue to believe.

At the national level, the Republican Party is terrified of the Tea Party, because this is a movement with no leader to attack and discredit. Therefore, the Tea Party must be attacked at the grass roots. Most of these people are average citizens from all walks of life who are unhappy with both major political parties. They are unhappy with Republicans because too many run as conservatives and govern and vote as liberal Democrats. They support the Constitution and constitutional limits on federal power. They support strong national defense, control of our borders and legal immigration.

The national Republican Party is more and more influenced by international business and banking interests and the Chamber of Commerce, all of whom have alliances with the Obama Administration on Obamacare, amnesty for illegal immigration and other special interests. Much of their agenda is not in the best interest of either the Republican Party or the American people.

The Pickens County Republican Party is one of those stubborn independent groups that have resisted a takeover assisted by the State Party Chairman. During their convention last Thursday night, they had a literal battle for the leadership of their party. We have two first hand reports in this issue from that event by delegates who were participants.

Polls show that although few conservative Republicans would ever vote for Sen. Lindsey Graham, because Democrats and anyone else who has a drivers license and can register to vote, will be eligible to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary. That is why our senior senator can confidently say on Fox News Sunday that if he decides to enter the race, “I will take South Carolina,”

The Republican Party top-down evolution will result in little or no noticeable change in the Palmetto State. It will only stifle dissent and perpetuate the prevailing myth.

It is unfortunate that so many good Republicans are leaving the party, however, a large number of Republicans moving here from elsewhere may become instructive. When they discover that anyone can vote to select Republican candidates, they are alarmed, and ask, “How can you be so stupid?” They want to organize and change the system. Good luck!


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