The runoff election set for next Tuesday pits some very different candidates against each other. The democrats have their candidates; however, they will not have a big part in this election season in the Upstate. The winners in the republican primary will likely be winners in the November 2018 general election.

The runoff in the governor’s race: McMaster’s opponent is a dynamic young businessman with a Marine Corps background, vs. a lifelong politician with a big personality and a history of being part of the “Good ol Boy” system in Columbia. The opponent, John Warren, is a newcomer and a very successful business owner and military leader with combat experience.

The incumbent governor, although endorsed by President Trump will insure the same swamp personalities retain control of state government. The newcomer John Warren will shake things up in the state capital and make a lot of changes that many citizens have longed for, for a long time.

The large crop of candidates in the Republican Fourth Congressional District race is now down to two who are very different. One candidate is one of the most uncompromising conservative people in the state and nation and his opponent is a young lawyer from an influential family, who supports the GHS takeover in Greenville County and who openly opposed Trump as president. The conservative candidate is receiving support from numerous 4th District candidates who did not make the runoff.

The attorney general failed to win his race by one percentage point and is therefore in a runoff. His race should be easily won, however his record as Attorney General has been criticized by some in the media.

Since the winners in the Republican runoff will likely be the winners in November, it is extremely important that you study the candidates carefully and influence as many other voters as you can. This will be one of the more important elections of our lifetime. It is becoming clear that the enemies of the current President and his supporters are vicious and intend to do whatever is necessary to take charge of the government.

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