We are excited about going digital with The Times Examiner. At the same time, we are sad about losing our readers who do not have computers and don’t want computers. Hopefully many of them will find friends or relatives with computers and printers who will print our important columns or articles for them. Many of them have shared their papers with friends and relatives over much of the almost 25 years we have been publishing. Now is time to return the favors.

The Times Examiner began as a ministry and through the support and encouragement of many friends and volunteers it became a labor of love. The financial support of Butch Taylor and the late Grady Miller made the publishing venture come to fruition. Julie Hershey was an answer to prayer at a critical time when devious liberal forces in Greenville were determined to destroy the paper that was exposing their activities.

In more recent times, as printing and postage costs rose, it was our long time employee James Spurck, encourager Betty Poe and a host of volunteers that kept the publication alive and debt-free. We shall forever be grateful to these individuals and our loyal advertisers without whom we could not have survived in the unfair Greenville business climate where government agencies and public activities controlled by individuals who claim to be honest and even conservative, openly discriminate against conservative publications.

There is no publication comparable to The Times Examiner elsewhere. By going digital, the publication will have a statewide and even a national reach. We expect to reach many more conservatives and especially more younger adults who have no access to such a publication as ours.

The forces of evil that have opposed The Times Examiner since its inception without success is now openly opposing the duly elected President of the United States and all who support him. We have been writing about these forces for decades and our readers are not surprised by what is happening.

More than ever, it is important that citizens of the United States be informed and aware of the truth since much of the so-called news media is no longer reliable.

Thanks again to our loyal readers, encouragers and supporters. Our experience while totally consuming has truly been a labor of love thanks to our readers. We are not quitting; we are simply reorganizing and joining the modern world of publishing. We thank all of you who are converting your subscriptions and staying with us. We expect to continue to improve as we get through the pains of reorganization.

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