Within the next few days or weeks, the Department of Justice Inspector General is expected to release his report that has been in the making for more than two years. The in-depth report on the details of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s attempts to use the resources of the Federal Government to overturn the Presidency of Donald Trump will be stressed.

Hillary Clinton and President Obama are probably too legally protected to face prosecution. However, several of the trusted associates may be thrown under the bus and used as shields for their former bosses, who unexpectedly lost power to Mr. Trump in the presidential election – this, despite all the inside plans to destroy the Trump election and his presidency if elected.

The suicide of Jeffrey Epstein has triggered another investigation that could expose a number of high-level politicians to criminal charges. Epstein’s allies ran a human sex slave ring that operated in New York, Florida and an island, where billionaires and politicians such as former President Bill Clinton allegedly frequented. Underage girls and celebrities were transported to the private island in Epstein’s personal jet.

The opening of this case has exposed the sex slave racket in the US that involves one of the largest illegal businesses in the nation. Little or no information about the traffic of US citizen minors is known. Most Americans only are award of the human trafficking brought through the southern border revealed from warnings by President Trump.

Guest interviewed by Fox News Host Mark Levin who is an American citizen from South Africa has started an organization in the United States to expose human trafficking. His interest was created by the fact that his sister became a teenage sex slave in South Africa. He insists that many young girls including those from prominent families have been recruited by highly skilled pimps. They look for children that are having problems communicating with parents and the recruiters design an appeal to fill their appetite. Once recruited, they arrange situations to be used to blackmail the young women should they decide to quit. Eventually, they get them addicted to drugs and the Levin guest said that the life expectancy for these young girls is no more than seven years. They result in suicide or simply disappear. The guest expressed a belief that the trade in youngsters is the most serious problem in the republic today.

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