The political battles in the United States have become increasingly clear and well defined. They are now bitter contest between good and evil. The political left that controls public and higher education and much of the media is defining good and evil. Good is now called evil and evil, good.

Young people, especially those of school age, are buying into this dangerous myth. The problem is so widespread that it is endangering our Republic. With a generation of young people ignorant of the truth of history of our Republic and the sacrifices our ancestors made to secure our freedom, they have no knowledge on which to base sound judgment and logical decisions.

In the past, my pastor has responded to the political left’s attacks on biblical Christianity and God in general. He went so far as to state that legitimate born-again Christians would not vote for Democrats who support murder of the unborn in the womb, same-sex marriage, man’s control of the climate and several other items endorsed by the political left that now seems to be in control of the Democrat Party.

All of the Democrat leading candidate for President have endorsed these anti-Christian policies and are opposed to anyone who supports the traditional, biblical beliefs in creation, marriage and respect for life.

The pastor acknowledge that he will receive considerable criticism for his bold stand. However, he believes that as a minister of the Gospel, he MUST take a stand on these matters.


This article was first published 9/9/19.

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