The General Court Martial of Lieutenant Colonel “Terry” Lakin  may become the most critical event of 2010. He was charged with failure to follow a direct order and refusing to go to Afghanistan unless President Obama shows evidence that he meets the constitutional requirement of being born in the United States in order to be eligible to become President.

Private citizens raised the question even before the election and several have gone to court in efforts to obtain proof of eligibility with no success. Some backed away from discussing the issue due to bogus charges of racism. The Democrat controlled Congress, the national media and the 50 states failed to require candidate Obama to provide proof that he was born in the United States and thereby eligible to hold the office of President under the Constitution of the United States.

The shameful truth is that very little is known about the man now living in the White House, acting as Commander in Chief of our armed forces and making critical foreign policy and controversial domestic decisions.

The elected lawmakers who are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution have failed to do so. Members of Congress may be guilty of covering up possible fraud with far-reaching consequences. The news media shares the same guilt. As a result of their shameful failure, it falls to the Officers and troops that fight and die in our wars abroad to risk imprisonment in order to seek out and challenge the potential domestic enemies of the Constitution, including government officials.

It is tragic indeed that it becomes necessary for a decorated Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Doctor, Flight Surgeon with a perfect military record including combat experience, a Bronze Star Medal and 18 years service, to risk loss of his freedom in order to seek a resolution to this constitutional crisis that has smoldered behind the scenes and plagued the republic for two years.

Lt. Col. Lakin is facing a General Court Martial before a biased judge that is almost certain to find him guilty and send him to the Leavenworth Military Confinement Facility while the cover-up continues.

Shame on all of us if the American people allow the court-martial judge Col. Denise Lind to make a political decision desired by the Commander in Chief and railroad this dedicated officer who has sworn to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Practically all of the documentation on Obama’s parents, his birth place, his education, his travels and passports, his places of residence, his changes of religion and citizenship and his friends are not to be found. The critical question is his place of birth. Was he born in the United States? There are published reports that he was born in Kenya, the home of his alleged father. His mother married a citizen of Indonesia and he spent several years of his childhood in that country. He allegedly attended school in the United States on a scholarship as a foreign student. Lt. Col. Lakin is attempting to clear that up and get the presidency back on a credible constitutional basis.

Thankfully another highly respected patriot who has paid his dues with more than 30 years of uniformed service to our country is standing with Lakin and like Lakin will not flinch nor be intimidated.

Retired US Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney, a FOX News Military Analyst, said in an affidavit recently that “the disclosure of Barack Obama’s documentation proving his eligibility to be commander in chief is critical not just to the defense of an officer challenging the president’s status, but to the preservation of the nation itself”

Gen. McInerney believes that if Lakin is convicted the new Republican led Congress will hold hearings and get to the truth about Obama’s place of birth.

A World Net Daily Poll conducted Saturday resulted in 73 percent of respondents saying “yes” to the question: Should the new Congress hold hearings on Obama’s constitutional eligibility? Those surveyed said somebody needs to be responsible for ensuring presidential candidates and presidents are constitutionally eligible and that in this situation hearings “are long overdue.”

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