New collaboration to create unified, cloud-based platform to support South Carolina's logistics industry

COLUMBIA, S.C. - The S.C. Department of Commerce today announced a partnership between the state of South Carolina and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering to bring state-of-the-art innovation to South Carolina industry and logistics providers. 

This applied research and innovation project will be achieved by collaboration between the University of South Carolina (USC), Fraunhofer USA and two South Carolina firms -- Datos Consulting and G&P Trucking. Focused initially on the development of a cloud-based platform and data cybersecurity for transportation companies, this project has the ability to be developed to include other modes of freight movement in the future.

The new cloud-based platform will provide a variety of services to logistics companies, including: optimization of business processes; real-time decision making; risk management; and cybersecurity and privacy enforcement. To do this, researchers will collect and integrate data that is available from Internet of Things devices and external big data systems, such as weather information, economic factors, fuel prices, real-time traffic conditions and social media.

Allowing for improved competitive advantages through resource optimization and cost reduction, this project is a bi-product of S.C. Commerce's ongoing partnership with the S.C. Council on Competitiveness, which leads the state's S.C. Logistics initiative. In total, the state's $32.9 billion logistics industry is comprised of more than 600 companies and 113,000 workers.

The S.C. Department of Commerce has committed $300,000 toward the project, which is being co-funded, in-kind, by Datos Consulting and G&P Trucking.


"We're so excited to be part of a project in an area, shipping and logistics, that is vital to the South Carolina economy. Fraunhofer USA exists to turn cutting-edge research into processes, methods and tools that help companies become much more successful. Our collaboration with the state of South Carolina, top researchers at USC and forward-thinking South Carolina companies like Datos and G&P Trucking allows us to do exactly that." -Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering Executive Director Dr. Adam Porter

"South Carolina has built a reputation as a leader in manufacturing, in large part, due to our logistics assets and ability to efficiently transport goods to market. This new project reflects our continued commitment to advancing the state's burgeoning logistics sector, and I look forward to seeing its outcomes as South Carolina remains on the cutting edge of this important industry." -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

"Advancing actionable research that can inform and enhance how industries do business is a core part of the Council's mission. This research project between USC, Fraunhofer USA, Datos Consulting and G&P Trucking, plus the investment from the Department of Commerce, is going to have far-reaching implications in the logistics industry. We're excited to see what evolves from here and what new research projects will be inspired." -S.C. Council on Competitiveness President and CEO Susie Shannon

"I joined the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness to help build a stronger relationship between the private sector and the Council's S.C. Logistics initiative. Establishing South Carolina as a leader in logistics and supply chain solutions for business will give the state a competitive advantage. G&P Trucking is proud to be a partner in this private-public collaboration to drive productivity and efficiency in our state." -G&P Trucking President Clifton Parker

"A robust manufacturing economy in South Carolina is ripe for deploying next generation analytical capabilities in the supply chain and logistics sector. Through this partnership project, Datos Consulting will bring innovative and disruptive technologies via its Datosn platform to unify decision making, process optimization and risk management across all modes of transportation." -Datos Consulting President Yash Bhatia


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