Fast-Growing Conservative Alternative to Facebook

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- USA.Life is the top ranked new social media, according to a study. CEO Steven Andrew announced, "USA.Life is the most popular overall and/or in the nation of social networks launched since 2018." Established just one year ago, USA.Life describes itself as "the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives, and liberty." To sign up for a free account go to www.USA.Life.

"USA.Life offers conservatives hope, because Big Tech's censorship affects people's lives, national security, elections, relationships and the ability to share your opinion about coronavirus," Andrew said.

People, families and friends connect with those most important to them as this USA.Life overview video shows. Users, churches, and businesses share photos, updates, news, videos and messages, and join groups.

Here is what people say:

"Took the big step and Deleted my Facebook account...also invited all my friends to come over here." Ron Schunk

"I feel the peace here at USA.Life...Got to go around with tape over your mouth on Facebook or you might get jailed." Linda Eggleston

"No free speech on Facebook, Twitter...Thank God for USA.Life!" Barbara

"At least being pro-America and pro-God won't get me kicked out like Facebook." Bob Russell

"Finally Conservatives starting to do something to fight back." John Dough

"Thank you USA.Life for keeping America free!" Bill Jordanson

"Building USA.Life followers now benefits early adopters greatly as this conservative Facebook alternative grows," Andrew said.

USA.Life is a great fit for churches, pro-lifers, and President Trump supporters, as the study found. USA.Life is more popular overall and/or in the USA than TrumpTown/Mumblit, Parler, AllSocial, Spreely, Steemit, SocialCross,, and many others. USA.Life hopes to be the top social network in the nation replacing Facebook. People from other countries join too.

Andrew set up a crowdfunding page to expand the project to help conservatives more.

"We don't have the billions of dollars that Facebook and Twitter have, so we need people who want freedom and privacy to contribute what they can," he said.

Supporters receive a special reward such as their name credited in the computer code, pro accounts and T-shirts. For larger donations, individuals and organizations can get their name on the founders wall.

About USA.Life

USA.Life is America's new social network-the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty. To connect with people, groups, churches and businesses, get a free account at www.USA.Life.

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