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During a recent hearing on H. 3759, which passed, SC Representative Shannon Erickson talked heavily about tracking ALL children, including private and homeschoolers, from birth.

Now, after much backlash, and in an attempt to save face, SC Republican Rep. Shannon Erickson has claimed her comments were taken out of context. So in order to give you more context, we have added more of her speech for you to discern her intent for tracking children from birth in all educational environments including home school. Just watch this clip of Rep. Erickson saying it’s the legislature’s responsibility to monitor and measure child progress.

This needs to go viral! Feel free to use the language from this email when sharing!

We now must focus on the Senate! Call your Senator and tell them how you feel about this bill! They will be reviewing the House version which is HORRID. If you don’t call, they don’t know! Get others to call! Take action! Here is a full list of all SC senators and their contact info.

Please use these talking points when contacting your senator.


Don’t know who your Senator is? Use this link to quickly find out! Please let me know if you have any trouble with the information listed. The bill is currently in the Senate Education Subcommittee.

Here is the schedule of the upcoming public hearings on the senate version 419.

I will NOT stand idly by and allow our lawmakers, who seem to be living on another planet, to erode our individual liberties and God-given children. I hope you will join me.

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