The Socialist Cultural Revolution has two main goals: to destroy our American history and heritage.  This is what we are seeing today in the protests and occupation by Antifa and black, radical revolutionary groups.

To them it is all about destruction and not justice, Socialism and not Capitalism, restrictions of free speech, and not freedom of free speech.

These domestic socialist terrorists want to destroy the effectiveness of our US Constitution. 

The only freedom they recognize is if we agree with their socialist ideology. This cannot and will not happen in this country we call America.

In every country that the socialists came into power, they have first destroyed most peoples’ history and heritage, which are the glue that holds a country together. This is how we get our identification as a people. You may agree or disagree with our American history, but one thing is for sure is we can all learn from it.

The socialists in this country are not strong enough to take America by force of arms at this time, but they are waging an all-out cultural war against southern symbols and statues, the names of military installations, and even pulling down the statues of Christopher Columbus.

Also, they are trying to purge the memorials of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. 

We propose through legislation to take down all street signs, and road signs named after Martin Luther King, Jr. Also we need to toppled all statues of King, including the removal of the headbust of King in Statutory Hall in the US Capitol. We further propose through said legislation to change those signs and statues to that of Booker T. Washington or George Washington Carver.

According to the Washington Post, reporting on the book entitled “When the Walls Came Tumbling Down” by Ralph Abernathy, the Post said:

"Unfortunately, this valuable, personal portrait of King may be missed in the uproar surrounding Abernathy’s revelations about the night of April 3, 1968, the night before King’s assassination. Abernathy’s account suggests that King separately slept with two women that night – neither his wife – and he writes that he witnessed King striking another with whom he had had an ongoing sexual affair. They fought because the woman was angry at finding King’s bed empty when she came to have sex with him at 3 a.m.

"That report comes in the middle of a book that offers a very human, realistic look at Abernathy and King. All childish deification of King is dismissed here by his best and closest friend and replaced by the reality of King’s mortal struggle to deal with the pressures of competitors, the media spotlight and the civil rights struggle."

King, at the very least, was very immoral, and he disgraced and should not have continued to serve in the office of a pastor. 

The question is why should black history remain and the rest of US History be removed? 

It is time for every red-blooded American to tell the anarchist members of Antifa and the other socialist-oriented groups, “If you don’t love America…leave it and go to Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea!”

 We as Americans are putting the socialists on notice: the best thing for you to do is to pack up, go home, behave yourselves, and thank God you live in America because we will not tolerate or support your reckless actions to destroy our country.

The socialists hate the Bible, the church house, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. If they could they would shut all three of these things down. This is not going to happen today, tomorrow, or ever in America.

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