The very moral foundation of America has been greatly altered by judicial activists on the Supreme Court. These Supreme Court Justices have decided a merit of cases brought to them on their leftist, radical agenda, and not by constitutional standards as it should be.

The following cases that the radical, Marxist justices rendered on the Supreme Court have sent our country on a path of destruction. First of all there was the decision on the case of Engel vs. Vitale on June 25, 1962, which banned prayer from public schools. Also the US Supreme Court on June 18, 1963, in the case of Abington School District vs. Schempp eliminated Bible reading in the public school system. From the rendering of these decisions by the court until now, teenage pregnancies, drug addiction, alcoholism among teenagers, a great decline in academic achievement, and violence in the schools have sky-rocketed. God walked out of the front door of school because they didn’t want Him; the devil walked in the backdoor, and he’s been there ever since. The public school system then began allowing the teaching of the theory of evolution as though it was the truth. Many students swallowed this evolution garbage and they began acting like the animals they were taught they came from.

Then corporal punishment was banned in the public schools, and lawlessness took over in the schools of America. Without discipline in the schools, there can be no order or respect for the teachers, and control in the classroom. Many schools just have the law of the jungle and nobody is safe. It’s either back to the Bible or stay in the jungle!

The January 22, 1973 Supreme Court ruling of Roe vs. Wade gave the license to murder unborn babies in the mothers’ wombs. Adolf Hitler is labeled as a mass murder, and rightly so, for killing 6,000,000 Jews. This country through the Court’s decision has killed over ten times the amount that Hitler did. The Marxists from the halls of Congress down to the schoolhouse in this country say that abortion is a right. We say that abortion is first degree, premeditated murder. This is the result of Marxist judicial activism on the Supreme Court.

President Trump and Vice-President Pence have both outspoken publicly against the bloody act of abortion. Where are the many Republic members of Congress and why are they not forcefully speaking out against abortion?

On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled on the case of Obergefell vs. Hodges, and this satanic and lunatic decision by the leftists on the court legalized the very act of sodomy through what they called “same-sex marriage”. This decision overruled many state referendums that were preserved by the votes of the people that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

These court decisions are against honoring God, sustaining our families, and keeping the great American way of life.

We offer our condolences to the family of Ruth Bader Ginsburg upon her passing.

Ginsburg was a radical feminist who decided Supreme Court cases on the bases of her leftist agenda, and not on constitutional grounds. She strongly supported abortion and “same-sex marriage”. She helped trail-blaze the moral destruction in America, and that is a sad commentary to leave behind.

BLM should have been put on the terrorist list months ago. The founders of BLM brag loudly about being trained Marxists. This terrorist group continues their Marxist and racist rampage against Americans by burning, looting, rioting, and killing police officers across America. BLM’s goal is to overthrow Capitalism and to establish a Marxist government. Mr. President, why have you not put BLM on the terrorist list? You have put the KKK and Antifa on that same list, but you left out BLM, which is the most notorious and violent terrorist group in America today. Mr. President, take the advice of Georgia House Representative Bernon Jones, a black man, who also serves on your advisory board to reach black voters. He said recently on FOX News, “I hope the president adds BLM to the terrorist list because they are terrorizing white people.”

Mr. President, if you do not put BLM on the terrorist list, you are legitimizing this group as it continues to extort millions of dollars from American businesses. Lay down the law on BLM and put them out of business for the good of the American people and their livelihood.

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

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