Speaking to avid supporters who form a foundational pillar of the core values of the Democratic Party, past presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton sermonized, during the election cycle, with a straight face, that half of Donald Trump supporters were a “basket of deplorables.” Her particularly devoted “non-deplorable” audience consisted of “in your face” Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders. Hillary, excitedly, also sermonized that Trump “deplorables”, were also: “…racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic…” Her audience rapturously agreed, and the liberal news media enthusiastically disseminated Hillary’s wisdom and vision to all!

Can the average reader accept “plain talk and facts” or must we all have to bear the “politically correct” liberal media; and, their definition of what is acceptable “political correctness!” Is “truth” too harsh for our ears? What are the back bone, Foundational Democratic Party values of the Democratic faithful “non-deplorables” who constitute the voting cultural pillars of the Democratic Party Platform?: (a) Faithful Blacks (73% illegitimacy rate (this is not an American Christian Cultural value)-sadly most of their families have collapsed but there yet remains hope in a strong, though small, wholesome remnant!); incidentally, it was the Democratic Party that oppressed blacks in the South after the Civil War. When the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were introduced by Republicans in Congress, before the Civil War ended, which gave freedom, citizenship and voting rights to Blacks, the Democratic Party would not support the proposed amendment. It was the Republican Party that freed slaves, gave Black’s citizenship and the right to vote; (b) Muslims, many-not all, are murdering “unbelievers” (mostly Christians) as the Muslim Koran requires in some instances. The Muslim Koran also teaches all Muslims that Jesus Christ of the New Testament is a liar! (These are not American Christian values) Democrats and liberal media love Koranic Islam and despise Biblical Christianity; (c) Baby Murderers (over 50,000,000 innocents have been slaughtered (that is a lot of voting “mommas”) by their “mothers” since abortions were legalized (this is not an American Christian value.) American industries now complain they need workers to justify the illegal alien invasion, if the Democratic Party, Courts and government had not legalized murdering pre-born babies as a convenience; and, taxpayers paying for it we would have citizen workers! 54% of women voted for Hillary of which 94% were black and 68% were Hispanic. Yet they are not considered “sexist” or “racist”.; (d) Illegal aliens (some 11 million, or more, stealing jobs for pennies-industry loves it, voting illegally and soaking the Welfare and Medical systems after invading through porous borders!) These are not American Christian values. Just because you feel you need what the United States has, you do not have a right to “steal” it! Democrats need illegal aliens for their vote; (e) rioting, destructive “Black Lives Matter” advocates-they believe “police should risk their lives but be tender with criminals”; This is not an American Christian value.) (f) Full time Drug Dealers destroying the youth but demanding Obama’s lighter criminal sentences; Drug dealing is not an American Christian value: when, in fact, criminals-black or white-should be in jail; (g) Chronic welfare recipients (this is not an American Christian value)-if your habit of life is refusing to work you earn the privilege not to eat!”; (h) Sensitive college students who need “safe spaces” for protection from contrary opinions-while loudly and violently sharing their own opinions in those taxpayer provided spaces-and “partying” off government loans they won’t repay; (these are not American Christian values).and, (i) Misunderstood Transgenders with male genitalia demanding their “right” to be in female bathrooms and changing rooms with little girls. This is not an American Christian value; but, these values are the back bone of the Democratic Party!

That “back bone” is blindly loyal! In the last 4 presidential elections loyal Black Democrats have voted 85-93% Democrat. Hispanics have voted 65-75% Democrat and Hispanic numbers increase each election cycle as we allow more illegal aliens into the country (wait till children of “illegal aliens” born here begin legally voting!) and we broaden our welfare, health and citizenship “prizes”. Paradoxically, Jews voted 78% for Obama in 2008 although Obama was and is anti-Israel and pro-Islam! Whites voted for Trump by 58% in 2016 and all we hear from the fake news media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. MSNBC, Washington Post, and New York Times) is evil “white” discrimination, “white” racism, “white” nationalism, “white” supremacist and “white” neo-Nazis. Although other ethnic groups have dramatically higher preference identifications for Clinton and the Democratic Party these terms are never applied to them!! Additionally, if white men advocated “male” rights they would be labeled evil sexists. But “Black Lives Matter” is not considered by fake news as either sexist or discriminatory. Remember Farrakhan’s million black men march?  If women advocate “women’s rights” they are not sexists but celebrated heroines! This is called slanted “fake news” reporting. Fake news hates and despises Trump and Evangelical Christianity. Fake News frames the issues they want the public to think about and ignores the issues they don’t want the public to think about. This is “Big Brother” brain washing! The public does not even that the direction and focus of their very thoughts are being manipulated!

Thankfully, the Democratic Party does not represent “back bone” America. The Republican Party does! Cultural values of Republican “back bone” America are based on Biblical Christianity. Christianity directly conflicts with other world cultural teachings. The real voting power of the Democratic Party is concentrated in huge cities and areas dominated by Hispanics, Blacks, Jews and Asians. These ethnic groups prove dramatically by their lives and votes that they wholeheartedly and unashamedly openly support Democratic Party Culture. I am white, call me racist-even nationalist, but I do not support Democratic Party Culture! If Democrats can be open and proud to support ungodly Democratic Party Culture, I can be open and proud to support Republican Party Christian based culture! It is a fact! Christian Biblical culture can not blend with, nor support or encourage, Democratic Party Culture! There is nothing intrinsically evil, despite the hate rhetoric of some, with being simply White, Hispanic, Black, Jewish, Indian or Asian. But each ethnicity generally has different cultural values and is loyal to and advocates their own culture; and, large different Cultures rarely smoothly blend. Few can change or adapt! A simple example: How many Christian fathers will allow their daughters to date or even associate with a Muslim male whose religion says he can have four wives; and, according to some sects a few concubines? How many Christians can easily socialize with a Muslim whose Koran teaches Jesus Christ of the New Testament is a liar? Or any culture that teaches homo sexuality, fornication, adultery, destroying the “fruit of the womb”, worshipping false gods or lawlessness is acceptable when the Word of God says it is not? Conflicts are inevitable between close contact large cultures! There are hundreds of reasons.

Present Democratic Party culture is antithetical to longstanding traditional Christian “American” cultural views on which the nation was founded! Christianity has never accepted the open- or closed-door practice of homo sexuality, destruction of the God given “fruit of the womb”, fornication, adultery, false gods, false witness, stealing or lawlessness. Yet God does not presently seek to punish for this activity. The practices are horribly intrinsically self destructive without God adding to the misery. God would save us from the automatic and inherent destructive consequence of sin. A simple example of the inherent, built in and certain spiritual and physical destruction of sin is demonstrated by a simple physical example. A raging furnace of fire is inherently destructive to anything that is combustible. It is not personal, just intrinsic truth. It is a truth whether you know it; or, whether you believe it or not if you were told. If you jump in a furnace because of innocent ignorance or simple unbelief you will be, nonetheless, consumed and destroyed. It is not “punishment.” It is the simple consequence of not knowing or believing the truth. The truth is Sin is intrinsically destructive. If God tells you the truth-“not to do it”-because He loves you and would spare you that destruction (like the 10 commandments) but you do it anyhow; there does THEN remain the concept of “punishment” for mocking and dishonoring God’s Word!! That can be eternal! Jesus Christ has given His life that in Him we can be “saved” from this destruction, be cleansed and have spiritual life with God. Jesus instead encourages a change of heart and turning away from these practices because they are intrinsically destructive to humanity and anti-God! It is not a “better than thou issue.” Turning to Jesus is a life saving free gift!

Look at Europe! Varying cultures don’t mix well! Cultural differences have produced conflicts since the beginning of time. All cultures conflict with Christian Culture. Nations are born around homogenous “cultures” not just skin color. As each culture grows in America conflicts will just get greater. The Hapsburg Empire disintegrated because of cultural and language problems. Skin color is not the primary problem! But the culture that may be associated with that skin color may be! No one “skin color” is better or superior to another! All skin colors are created by God and equal; and, ALL SKIN COLORS COULD LIVE TOGETHER IN HARMONY IF ALL PRACTICED THE SAME CULTURE! But they don’t and won’t! Any culture that yields to another will disintegrate! Opening the door to our nation to an unorganized onslaught of millions of people of many cultures will increase conflicts! Individual Christianity will always survive but our national Christian Cultural identity may dissolve, and our American society will then devolve into further lawlessness!

These Democratic Party cultures concentrate in high population areas and cause nothing but crime, welfare, unemployment and lawlessness as the Democratic Party mismanages everything about government in big cities. Look at the facts! Look for crime and misery-there you will find the Democratic Party in control! It is cultural consequence!

Look at Democratic Party lawless protest violence immediately after the election of Trump! The election was over, but their hate took to the streets. In Portland, Oregon (county voted 76% for Hillary) one had been shot in days of protest rioting, a million dollars in damage, vandalism and spray paint and blocking highways and trains. In Los Angeles, California (in the counties around Los Angeles and San Francisco the vote was 73% to 76% for Hillary) 195 people were arrested in multiple violent riots. In San Francisco thousands turned to the streets. In New York City (Manhattan voted 87% Hillary) massive demonstrations centered in Manhattan. In Oakland, California (that county voted 79% Hillary-Almeda County is also a sanctuary county) rioting, etc. In Atlanta, Georgia (De Kalb County voted 81% for Hillary) rioting, etc. Democrats even took their massive explosion of hate to the inauguration of the president in Washington, D.C. (voted 93% for Hillary and is the Head of the Democratic Party Cultural Beast). Wasn’t it a “million” Democratic Party women that marched for their “right” to murder unborn human babies while Republican women later marched en masse to plead for the innocent lives of pre-born human babies? These big cities, and others not listed, represent Democratic Party Culture: TAKE WHAT YOU WANT IN THE STREETS BY VIOLENCE! Republicans have never advocated street violence and lawlessness as Democrats do in the streets or on the borders!

Cultures are not “limited” to one skin color! Christianity attracts and welcomes all skin colors. The Democratic Party attracts all skin colors. Add to this mix deluded “politically correct” whites who favor, share and advance these Democratic Party cultural values and lifestyles: and, also mistakenly believe the American Revolution was fought to establish these destructive anti-Christian lifestyles through oppressive Federal Government power. The above Democratic Party lifestyles represent sad, ruined human lives. These individuals need wholesome “internal” reformation in Jesus Christ not encouragement from the Democratic Party in their lust, lawlessness and violence as an acceptable gratuity for voting Democrat! Absent internal regeneration through Jesus Christ the best rules for guiding outward actions of ANY society on earth, pagan or otherwise, is based on NEW TESTAMENT Christian teaching! Inward or outward, New Testament or Old Testament, the Word of God never accepts “sin” or lawlessness in any form! DEMOCRATC PARTY CULTURE WLL NOT CHANGE AND SHOULD NEVER HAVE GOVERNMENT POWER! DEMOCRATIC PARTY VALUES ARE CLEAR FOR THOSE NOT BLIND. EVEN NON-PROFESSING CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS MUST BE ETERNALLY ALERT AND ACTIVE!

Finally, Hillary mentioned “xenophobic.”  I am xenophobic! But it is not a morbid fear of skin color or foreign peoples. I am no better than they and all are welcome in Jesus Christ! Mine is a morbid fear of the collection of lawless destructive cultural values approved and advocated under the banner of the Democratic Party!


Jim S. Brooks, retired, inactive attorney, SC Bar #911, 2400 E. Blackstock Road, Roebuck, S.C., 1-864-909-3695. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., November 25, 2018.

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