Reuters has been trickling out stories about Beto O’Rourke. He was in a notorious group of hackers. He wrote fantasies about killing people, including running over children. Reuters is dribbling out the information now as investigative reports.

Reuters got this information at the time Robert Francis O’Rourke was a candidate for the United States Senate against Ted Cruz. It was given to Reuters, but on the condition that it be kept secret until after the election was over. Reuters claims it was for a book on O’Rourke. Media watchdog groups are dismissing it as no big deal. It was for a book. They wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise.

Okay sure, but what would the reaction be if Fox News had done this? What would the reaction be if a conservative journalist now released a book about Brett Kavanaugh with more stories that could have come up, but were unknown, at the time of confirmation.

There is not a person alive who truly believes the media watchdogs at CNN to the New York Times would not be screaming foul about this.

Reuters covered up damaging information about a candidate while that candidate was running for office. But we also know that the media covered for Beto on other information too. The media gave copious amounts of coverage to Beto and never mentioned him fleeing the seen of a collision while drunk. Republicans had to aggressively badger the media to get that out there.

It has been a pattern with the media. They cover for Democrat politicians and make excuses for one another. They give each other a pass when it is Democrats involved. It is why so many conservatives distrust them.

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