Someone asked me why I write on the US Constitution when the US Supreme Court won't enforce it.

This is why:  Our Declaration of Independence recognizes the self-evident Truth that Rights come from GOD, and that they are unalienable.  Accordingly, there are certain areas of your life which are off-limits to government regulation - you have an "immunity" from governmental regulation of these areas.

But since all Branches of the federal government, and many State governments are refusing to recognize our Rights, it falls on us to vigorously assert our Rights, defend them, and insist on them.  You have no lawful, moral, or religious duty to submit to a government when it violates our Constitution and which is seeking to take from you the Rights which the Creator God gave you.  No human has the right to take from you a Right which God gave you. 

Governments do NOT have constitutional authority to force you to take the JAB.  Alan Dershowitz was dead wrong and showed his true colors when he claimed that governments have the "right" to forcibly stick a needle in your arm and inject you.  Governments have no lawful authority to force you into a concentration camp if you refuse to submit to the JAB.

So here is my most recent paper where I show that the "privileges and immunities" and "due process" clauses of the US Constitution prohibit the federal, state, and local governments from requiring you to be "jabbed" or putting you into a concentration camp.  Here are links to the paper, which is titled,: "Defeat 'COVID' mandates by restoring the Genuine Meaning of the 'privileges and immunities' and 'due process' clauses"

Americans!  It's now entirely up to us.  It is time to man-up.

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