Healthcare Providers have refused the Vaccine

For months, the news media has constantly barraged viewers with vaccine, vaccine, vaccine.

It’s amazing how many experts on vaccines and viruses have emerged over the last 11 months.  I mean seriously, experts are everywhere…Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the local grocery store! It is truly astonishing!

One statistic that has been circulating, which many people are questioning, is 40% of front line healthcare workers have refused the vaccine. This number comes from multiple government watchdog organizations who have combed through the data of county health departments.

That is a big number…4 out of 10 healthcare providers have refused the vaccine!

For those seeking info on whether to receive the COVID vaccine or not, this is a huge red flag.  Why are those people who come in contact with sick people and people with COVID-19 on a regular basis saying no to the vaccine? What do they know that media outlets do not seem to be sharing?

The following are the Facts as reported from multiple healthcare and research sources.

Vaccine Fact #1: Many healthcare workers have been exposed repeatedly to and infected with COVID-19.

They have developed the perfect immune blueprint to this virus, one which is vastly superior to any drug or vaccine. IF you have recovered from the virus-symptomatic or asymptomatic, then you have full immunity.

The manufacturers of the vaccines are even in agreement that if you’ve had the virus, then you aren’t a candidate for the vaccine. Why would you mess up the perfect immune recipe for fighting COVID-19 by introducing a drug which impacts the immune system to your body?


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This article was written by Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Chiropractor, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Nutrition Expert and appeared in the Conservative Business Journal.

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