Governor’s Office Interview

Last year, I received an email responding to my South Carolina Governor’s internship application. I was asked to contact the deputy chief of staff to schedule an interview. When there was no response after five months to my email and two voicemails, I realized I was promised an interview that was never intended for me.

After being let down by the man I voted for, I see why my generation may have trouble choosing between the fake and genuine candidates. With the election approaching, will South Carolinian youth know a candidate with their best interests when they see him?

At a BBQ in October, I sat next to U.S. Senate candidate Michael LaPierre. Noticing that Mr. LaPierre’s presence was unlike any other office seeker I’ve met, I asked why he was running. Mr. LaPierre answered, “There are four reasons why I am running. They begin and end with the names of my wonderful grandchildren. I am doing this to give my grandchildren a better future and a better place to live.”

Lowering Taxes and Simplifying the Tax Code

A politician who focuses on the economic situations and rights of the working and student youth is rare. As a working student, one of my concerns is paying taxes. The tax code is 10 million words on 80,000 pages of complex and inefficient confusion written by 73,000+ full time IRS employees which costed over $11 billion in 2018 alone! This tax code includes the payroll, business income and several more taxes which Michael LaPierre plans to eliminate when introducing Flat Tax legislation. By lowering taxes, Mr. LaPierre will lift a great financial burden off the nation’s youth.

Right to be Silent

Another burden on the younger generation is being told what to believe. While the Constitution states I have a right to choose my beliefs, I am forced to praise evolution or be silent in public places. “Freedom of worship is not enough.” Mr. LaPierre said in one of our conversations, “We need to be able to express our religious beliefs both in private and in public.” Mr. LaPierre’s campaign will recommission Scriptural principles into government and empower the First Amendment so that all Americans can practise their religion freely.

Election 2020 Challenges Our Faith and Future!

After being disappointed by incumbents, will my generation vote for the candidates who want to do what is right? The main reason I am voting for Michael LaPierre is because he is attaining public office to make South Carolina a better place. My generation needs the best man in office to defend our pocketbooks and God given rights. This election, we must challenge South Carolina for more opportunities to practise our faith and live our future.

Mr. LaPierre is a keynote speaker at two upcoming events. On 2/27 at Fort Mill Hampton Inn 1520 Carolina Plaza Drive for the York County Republican Party. At the Cherokee County GOP meeting located on Birch Street in Gaffney on 3/19. Visit for details. We look forward to seeing you!

Verity Koppe is a college junior on a mission to motivate her generation to make an impact in politics.

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