There have many narratives that have surfaced recently due to our present circumstance with the Chinese flu. In our local grocery store here  in Ajo, Arizona a dozen eggs went from $1.49 a dozen to $4.99 a dozen. 

Milk went from $2.99 a gallon to $4.99. if any was on the shelf. A loaf of bread was not attainable at any cost. At the next grocery store one hundred miles up the road, a large box store, flour and sugar were not to be had. There was no such thing as bathroom tissue at any cost. 

Because we,as missionaries, who have many people passing through always have a well stocked pantry. Jan orders bulk from the large online supplier( Prime) so we were good on most products. 

The native people that we minister to like to play BINGO in the various villages at their meeting houses. Our native boy, whom we have invested seven years into, was at a BINGO game at the village of Hickiwan,  ( bad or uneven haircut). Ty won a game and there was a bundle of tissue on the table with the rest of the prizes. Ty took the large bundle of tissue.

Several days later Jan and I were coming from Casa Grande, Az, which is a hundred miles from the village where Ty lives.  We stopped by to collect Ty to go home with us for the night. Jan ask Elvira, Ty mama, if she could use her facilities. Elvira ask Ty to get Jan a roll of tissue from the closet. He went into his bedroom and came back with a roll of the prized tissue that he had won. He tore off three sheets handed them to Jan and told her that he had to hide it again.

Ty and I were in the local grocery on Saturday and found a modest amount of tissue on the shelf; cheap but very pricey. I bought the twelve roll package, which was limited to one per customer, and divided it with Ty.  

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