Herewith is an update/summary of 'Bullets' regarding the scam known as 'covid-19.' It is important that we recall all the lies/distortions, etc. associated with this scam having the purpose, which no one can deny, of disrupting/destroying much of the positive (job, etc.) accomplishments of the last 3 years (excluding the debt!).

1) "Cases" (always the lead-off): This is highly inflated for following: One of the primary tests being used, if not the primary, is the PCR diagnostic test. This has only been 'lab' tested, never in the field.

This test 'picks up' flu, pneumonia, various viruses including 'coronavirus', and false positives! This test is a fraud, yet with this 'catch-all' test, the 'cases' are a highly and significantly misleading measurement of 'covid-19'! Further, the more testing done, obviously the more so-called cases counted!

2) "Deaths" are just as fraudulent as "cases." The CDC instructed doctors months ago to classify deaths as 'covid-19' even if the deceased suffered from other diseases such as cancer, diabetes, lung disease, kidney, tuberculosis, etc. as long as it is 'surmised' that he/she also had coronavirus in his/her system! Real 'covid-19 deaths may be as low as one-third, or less, of the published figure. What a scam!

3) Payments you don't hear about: Medicare has determined that if you have a covid-19 admission to the hospital, said hospital will get paid $13,000; and if said patient goes on a ventilator, said hospital gets $39,000. Now you understand NY State Governor Cuomo's 'shananigans' (sp?) with his 'nursinghomes/covid-19/ventilators' a few months ago: Fed ##s flying into NYC!!

4) Imperial College Study: This fraudulent report predicted 1-2.2 million deaths in the U.S. from the coronavirus 'pandemic.' Medical bureaucrats Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx used it to persuaded Pres. Trump to 'lock-down' the economy. (This report financed by $79 million from Bill Gates Foundation; said Bill Gates is big-time into promoting and financing vaccines! Is the picture clearing up for you?) Said report was readily exposed as a sham, Dr. Fauci has since backed-off said predictions (but a little late!).

5) There are numerous studies to illustrate that 'masks' and 'social distancing' are fraudulent (except masks in hospital/patient situations).

6) This 'covid-19' virus is dangerous to elderly with compromised immunization issues (85% of deaths to those over 60(?); ages 0-50 account for only 0.5%-a mild flu rate.

7) Schools as such should never have been closed (schools have rarely been closed except for brief periods of time during 'flu season!).


9) There are doctors all over the country who understand the above; the problem is too many are 'locked-into' hospitals, and the hospitals are looking for the federal $$s.

10) Illinois is an excellent example of what happened across the country: The governor (Dem.) closed down the whole state, as he should have closed down, if necessary, the Chicago area and left (most of the) rest of the (rural) down state open for business. But that doesn't satisfy the goal of shutting down "the Trump economy."

I believe I have made my point.

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