Hey, God's plan is that "All lives matter"--that's, ALL LIVES MATTER!! (Except, that if you're an NBA announcer, you can get fired for such a statement!) Yeah, black lives DO matter, but in the scheme of things, do they really ALL matter? Where is the concern by blacks for the 'blacks killing blacks' in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis?? What about all the unborn Blacks killed in the womb? It seems little concern there!

What about other areas, such as some of the 'blackrap' music; I don't listen at all, but some/much is pretty ugly/raunchy towards (black) women, is it not? What the heck is that teaching us about 'lives mattering'?

And what about the ambushing of cops, a '911' call for police/help and they get killed by an ambush. This happens all to frequently, and rarely newsworthy beyond a single day.

And oh, isn't Maxine Watters a dandy, with her 'in-your-face' arrogance!

Is there any awareness that the globalist corporations who are contributing millions to BLMs are the same corporations who sent millions of American jobs (black and white) overseas for their profit lines? Does that register at all with what is going on?

Hey, American citizen, just check out the BLM agenda: it's marxist, divisive, destructive.

I'm tired of the millionaire black athletes telling me that there is a systemic racism; I see no systemic racism as I deliver my Meals on Wheels to poor black and white recipients; I see no systemic racism as I watch black and white seniors bring their spouses to cancer treatment centers.

We have enough 'basketball/football' camps; get out there and workon re-building The Black Family, and stop blaming cops, and racism and whatever. Take those $$$s from your success and build a new home for your MOTHER AND FATHER!!!

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