Where are our Leaders?? Like, where is President Trump, the guy who ran against 'the swamp' and continues to use 'swamp parties' all over his administration? You know, the President who just praised 'all the governors who are doing a fantastic job' (regarding just what, I do not know!).  Heck, 'all these (democratic) governors' are continuing to shut-down their  states, keeping schools virtually closed, harassing church attendance, etc, and all sorts of private businesses.

Where are our So. Carolina legislatures/representatives, state and federal? They are like SILENT! Every bureaucrat imaginable,

local, school, state, federal, they all seem to be intent on shutting down the economy, fining and badgering any small,

private business (as the large corporations and of course all of the many layers of government all stay open with their continuing salaries). While overwhelmingly parents want their kids back in school with health and social values authorizing same (and by the way, there is no 'second wave', just the results of increased testing with questionable/fake results),

where are the leftist/democratic teachers--they're down marching to screw up the school system, and family demands, by demanding that 'virtual education' be the rule of the day.

Do we have any family/Americanist/conservative leaders anywhere here in the Upstate?

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