"We're the ones getting killed," as per Doc Rivers, NBA Coach of the LA Clippers. He is as mis-informed regarding 'whites' (police) killing blacks as he is (acknowledged) an excellent NBA Coach. Hey, Doc, here's some of what you don't know:

1) Jacob Blake was resisting arrest, was tasered, was on the ground, and escaped, and (now the video is rolling) he comes around the car and tries to enter and presumably looking for his knife, when he is shot. You can argue 'excessive' force, but you need the full story, which the leftist media, the democratic/leftist political figures are denying you. He also had an outstanding warrant; and when are these thugs/trouble-makers going to stop 'resisting arrest?'

2) Even worse is the information being withheld on the death of George Floyd, he of the 'knee on the neck.' The political forces (ie, Ellison-Atty Gen., others and the media) are withholding significant audio/video, prior to the 8 minute 'knee on the neck', that Floyd overdosed on fentanyl to the extent of 11 (units) in his system (being 3 times the amount to produce death), said overdose done significantly prior to the (public) tape; that he told police to tell his kids that he loved them, that he told the police to not leave him (he knew he was dying), and that the 'knee on the neck' police procedure was an accepted procedure to assist in breathing and had been used 235 times in last 5 years w/o death. All of the above explains by Atty Gen Ellison only sought a second degree death charge, even then realizing the difficulty of said charge.

Hey, Doc, it looks to me you ought to be concerned regarding 'black on black' deaths, like Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis; and how about the killing of black babies by abortion, a huge percentage of said procedures; how about the killing of the five Dallas policemen a few years ago by ambush; how about the killing of retired St. Louis police capt. David Dorn just recently; and just a few days ago there was the killing of a 5 year old white child on his bicycle by a black thug neighbor, absolutely senseless! Obviously space limits many other incidents.

Doc, before you get on that 'soap-box' again, better get more informed, particularly if you're supporting the marxist Black Lives Matter. Sorry, but ALL LIVES MATTER.

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