The art of writing wonderful Letters to the editor is a wonderful genre of Literature. It is a very resourceful part of Citizen journalism, where the People have a voice in what happens in the community. It is a way to take part in the affairs of the local area, and a way to make your voice heard. 

In 2019 I published a publication with AuthorHouse publishers a collection of all my writings and Letters in a Book entitled "Letters from South Carolina." The many successes that I have had with the book include two book signings; and the book is even in the Local authors section shelf of the Hughes Main Library in Greenville SC.  Please feel free go and check out my book at the Greenville Hughes Main Library very soon if you would like. My two book signings were held at Barnes and Noble Shops at Greenridge at Greenville on August 10, 2019; and also at Barnes and Noble Spartanburg on November 9, 2019. 

As a Frequent letter writer mainly for regional newspapers in South Carolina and North Carolina, I started writing letters to the editor in the year 2014. Since 2014 I have written for some of the largest newspapers in South Carolina and North Carolina. I have written more than 100 letters and missives in over 35 newspapers in the local regional area and also in five national known newspapers, such as Detroit Free Press, New York Daily News, Jersey Journal, Washington Times, and Miami Herald. And I have continued to write letters after self-publishing my book.

As a travel writer, I write in my regional letters about all the tourist attractions and Happenings South Carolina has to offer, the "Smiling Faces and Beautiful places" of our state. The places that I got to visit around our State over the years with Family and friends on vacation and weekend trips. I have also written about National and State Republican politics, and what should be the Right course of Action for the community. 

I have also been a call in guest on three radio stations and one television station in the Upstate Greenville area, such as 107.3 JAMZ, Word 106.3 FM, Fox Carolina, and 94.5 FM The Answer. I have been a call in guest on these radio stations a total of 23 times. On the air I discussed the issues of the day, and things in the News. The Upstate SC radio hosts that I have been a call in guest include Bob McClain, Vince Coakley, The Tara show, Joey Hudson, Tone Hollywood, Vicki James, and Kelly Mac.

As a Right of center Republican, I have written about the political ideals of great South Carolina politicians such as Carroll Campbell, Knox White, and Lindsey Graham. And I have also written about how the true conservative philosophy puts Families first, and puts Communities first. And how you should Love America, and leave a Better America for those would come after us. 

And the Newspapers and publications that I have written to here in the Upstate area include Greenville News, Greer Citizen, Times Examiner, Simpsonville Sentinel, Travelers Rest Monitor,Travelers Rest Tribune, Anderson Independent Mail, Anderson Magazine, Belton Honea Path News Chronicle, Electric City News, and Cherokee Chronicle. And I have been published many times in many of these fine publications.

The writing of Letters to the editor is truly a remarkable Literary form and is a fundamental way to take part in citizen journalism. The writing of Great letters to the editor will go on Forever and will always be a Great testament to the Human Spirit and experience. Writing great letter to the editor will Always stand the Test of time.

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