I saw an article in your paper recently concerning free summer breakfasts and lunchs from the Greenville county schools. I can hardly express my disgust with this concept, or list all the things wrong with it. First, and primary, is the fact that it is just wrong; there is no Constitutional basis for feeding people,though I would support it in emergencies; there is an obligation for parents to provide for their own children. Lunch at schools is one thing, as children are required by law to be there all day, though I can remember bagging sandwiches to school as a child. Breakfast is a different thing, and should be provided at home. But to offer these meals when children aren't even in school? How is that justified or explained?

How do the kids get to school to take advantage of the meals? Does Mommy drive them? And the article says that only 17 locations are providing the meals. Does that mean, obviously, that some children are being unfairly, unequally treated because there is no program in their area, or they must travel longer distances to access them? I see lawsuits resulting! Last, is the timing. We are in a major recession, in case no one notices. Just like the County Council's decision to spend a fortune upgrading local parks, the timing is awful due to decreased revenues and increased basic needs.

Oh, wait, the article says that the money is coming from the US Department of Agriculture. That solves everything- we all know what great money managers the federal government is- we are, what, 14 TRILLION dollars in debt under their stewardship? Is it just me, or is government the only place that hasn't felt the effects of this economic downturn? Or is it that their never ending goal of intruding into and controlling every aspect of our lives, and addicting the population to government handouts ('entitlements") served best by an impoverished population? As Obama's administration is saying, we all must sacrifice together.

Hmm. Sounds very familiar to the words of Stalin and Kruschev, doesn't it. We are treading very dangerous ground.

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