My mother, Janice Jones Hawkins, is a delightful person to know and a very inspirational person. My mother was born on July 13, 1944. She was born around the time of the Holocaust and New Deal, and seen a lot of things go down and still here to talk about them. She was born at the end of the Presidency of FDR, when Eleanor Roosevelt was first lady.

My mother's age on July 13th would be 77 years old. She is a great older person, and has been around here a long time. She has many people who love her, including all my seven brothers and sisters and extended family. People at my Kingdom Hall church have always said she always been a inspirational person who never changed, and have always had a beautiful heart.

My mother is a good person from her heart. She never changed; and always drawn people to her for Being a loving, kind individual.  People in our extended family and many friends through the years have even came to her for advice. And she has always encouraged them with her loving soul. She has always been a wise, encouraging person to everyone she met. Many women have even said they wanted to be like my Mama Janice Hawkins. And they are Right! 

As the youngest of her seven children I remembered when my family used to live in Taylors SC where I grew up, My mother as a hardworking professional woman had a lot of work to do as a insurance agent. She even worked for 20 years at the Liberty Life Insurance agency on Wade Hampton Blvd. in Greenville. Though the years all my extended family have learnt from the hardworking spirit of my mother, including my nephews and nieces.

My mother Janice Jones Hawkins would turn 77 years old on July 13, 2021. Though the years she always encouraged everyone she knows with her loving heart and golden, angelic soul. All my family thanks God she's still around here with us; And I know in my heart she would never leave us any time soon. My mother Janice Hawkins truly is an Angel of Love.


Steven Hawkins is a Freelance writer from Greenville SC. 

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