I came across this great “rant” recently on Facebook, but its author was not identified.  But since this is exactly how I feel, I’d like to share it with all the readers of The Times Examiner, because I’ll bet this is how many, if not most, of you also feel. 

“I need to RANT for a minute.  I’m getting old and I’ve worked hard all my life.  I have made my reputation—the good and the bad.  I didn’t inherit my job or my income, and I have busted my butt to get where I am in life.

I have juggled my job, my family, and I’ve made countless sacrifices up front to secure a good life for myself and my children.  It wasn’t always easy and still isn’t, but I did it all while maintaining my integrity and my principles.  I’ve never put anyone beneath myself or denied help to anyone.  I have friends of every walk of life and if  you’re in my circle, it should be understood that I don’t have to remind  you of what I’d be willing to do for you.


No one is entitled to anything.  You have a choice to work, a choice to stay off of drugs, a choice to make something of yourself.  I have nothing to do with your choice.  That’s all on YOU! 

You are entitled to what  you earn.  I didn’t earn this for you.  I didn’t put in the time, and the effort, and miss out on Christmases and birthdays and soccer games for you.  I DID THIS FOR MY FAMILY.  I EARNED this life for my family.  You could have don’t the same!

You, and your government, have NO right to reach into the pot I work so hard to fill.”

And ALL of God’s people, and ALL patriots say: AMEN!

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