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Islam According to the Teachings of the Koran and Muhammad

According to a Terrorism Research Institute study in 2011, of 100 randomly selected mosques in the U.S., 51% had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30% had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and 19% had no violent texts at all.
According to a 2013 Pew Research Survey, 19% of Muslim Americans believe suicide bombings in defense of Islam are at least partially justified. This is lower than the global average of 28% for the Pew Survey. A 2015 survey, however, indicated that nearly 26% of younger Muslim Americans show some sympathy for terrorism.  
A 2017 Pew Research poll found that 20% of Muslims in America say violence to further the cause of Islam is justified. Another 12% say it is sometimes or often necessary. Only 8% say it is rarely justified.

In 2015, a Center for Security Policy (CSP) poll found that 29% of Muslim-Americans agree that violence against those who insult Muhammad or the Quran is acceptable. Twenty-four percent said that violence is justified against those who “offend” Islam.
A 2010 Pew Research Survey found that 84% of Egyptian Muslims support the death penalty for leaving Islam. This rises to 86% among Jordanian Muslims.
In 2007, the BBC found that 36% of younger Muslims in the UK believe a Muslim should be killed for converting to another religion, but only 19% of Muslims over 55 supported this.
In survey after survey in the United States and Western Europe, younger Muslims have nearly twice the percentage of radicalism as older Muslims. This may be a matter of maturity, but still it does not bode well for the future.
A December 2013 survey released by Die Presse in Austria revealed that 18% of Austrian Muslims support the death penalty for apostasy, and 22% do not support democracy. In general, most Muslim clergy around the world oppose democracy as an insult to the wisdom of Allah and Sharia Law.
A Motivaction Survey in 2014 found that an astonishing 80% of young Muslim Turks in the Netherlands see nothing wrong with Holy War against non-believers. Ninety percent verbalized support for pro-Islamic State fighters fighting against the moderate Alawite Muslim Assad regime. The majority, however, do not support the ISIS Caliphate. Indeed, they may support a Turkish Caliphate as in the Turkish led Ottoman Empire. Dutch politicians are concerned to find such a high rate of radicalism among Dutch Turks.
A 2009 Centre for Social Cohesion survey of 600 Muslim students at 30 universities throughout Britain found that 32 per cent of Muslim respondents believed killing in the name of religion is justified. Forty percent want Muslims in the UK to be under Sharia Law and 54% want to be represented by an Islamic Party in Parliament. The Civitas Institute in London found that 28% of UK Muslims want the UK to be an Islamic State.
A 2009 survey by World Public Opinion found that 81% of Egyptians—note that Egypt has a 10% Christian minority—want Sharia Law imposed in every majority Muslim country. A 2010 Pew Research Survey found that 82% of Egyptian Muslims favor stoning adulterers. Seventy-seven percent favor Sharia Law floggings and amputations as specified by Sharia Law. According to a 2013 Pew Survey, 74% of Egyptian Muslims favoring Sharia Law believe it should apply to non-Muslims as well. This is true of the mainstream of Islam. According to a 2013 Berlin Social Science Center survey, 65% of Muslims in Europe say Sharia is more important than the law of the country they live in.
A 2015 Center for Security Policy (CSP) Poll found that 33% of Muslim-Americans say that Sharia should be supreme to the US Constitution, but 43% disagree. According to the CSP, 67 percent of American Muslims consider themselves to be observant Muslims. Forty-eight percent favor the Democrat Party, and 19% favor the Republican Party, with the same percent identifying as independents. Thirteen percent did not answer.  
What is obvious about the surveys is that the more Muslim a country, the higher the percent of “radicalism” among the Muslims or the more willing they were to admit to strong Islamist views. The opposite is true is the U.S. and some European countries. Survey respondents appear to be more guarded in their answers and participation. My own experience also indicates that many Muslims do not know the Koran well.
I would like to make a distinction here between Islam and those who we identify as Muslims. By no means do all Muslims embrace the Jihadist ideology of Muhammad and the Koranic record of his last ten years as a warlord. Many are secularized or purely cultural in their Islamic outlook. Many are essentially ignorant of the Koran. There are also many, who would leave Islam, if they had a choice. They usually have little choice however, since Sharia Law exacts the death penalty against those who would leave Islam. One former Imam has even remarked that Islam would eventually collapse, if its forced adherents were free to leave. Early in the history of Islam, force and fear became its principle methods for gaining and retaining membership.
Having looked at Muslim surveys for years, I would estimate that about 25% are strongly or secretly sympathetic to Jihad and terrorism. As many as 25% at the other end of the bell curve would probably leave, if they could.  The other 50 percent swing with the winds of power. It is obviously unwise for Western countries to import the open or secret Jihadists or the swingers, who can quickly turn Jihadist. Extremely rigorous immigration vetting is absolutely necessary.
Some of these polls are distressing, but they do not fully address the real problems. We cannot measure Islam by polls. Neither can Islam be measured by what Muslims, especially Muslim clerics say. Neither can we trust what Muslim Brotherhood propaganda organizations like the Center for Islamic-American Relations (CAIR), bribed academics, ignorant media pundits, and politically correct collaborating politicians tell us. Islam has to be measured by its own sacred documents: the Koran, the Hadith (sayings of Muhammad), and the Sira (biographical acts of Muhammad). Just as we must measure Christianity and Judaism primarily by Scripture rather than extremely fallible public opinion, the wisest course to understand Islam is the analysis of the teachings of the Koran and its founding Prophet, Muhammad.  
The West has been terribly duped by Islamic propaganda. According to the Koran, Muhammad, and Sharia Law, Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam does not mean peace. It means submission, and the only peace in Islam is to submit to Islam and its Muhammadan teachings. Sharia Law is a consolidation of the teachings of the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad in the Hadith and Sira into a legal code. Note that the Koran was allegedly received by Muhammad from Allah via the Angel Gabriel. Islam is rightly described as Muhammadism.
 The foundational principle of Islam is that there is only one god (Allah), and Muhammad is his authoritative prophet. Allah is the Arabic word for “God,” but the Allah of the Koran and Muhammad, despite some surface similarities, is quite different from the God of Judeo-Christian Scripture. In Islam, all non-Muslims are Kafirs – despised unbelievers and infidels fit only for the tortures of hell. Any orthodox form of Christianity is especially heretical and contrary to Islam. There can be no coexistence, wherever Islam becomes dominant.  The Doctrine of Islamic Supremacy is the absolute dominance of Islam and Islamic Law (Sharia) everywhere by whatever means.
Islam has a dualistic rather than unitary ethical system, treating Muslims as brothers but non-Muslims as contemptible, exploitable, and disposable enemies. The Golden Rule of Islam is to do as Muhammad did.
Western Civilization is at risk of being destroyed by Islam, because of the ignorance of its political leaders about Islamic doctrines. The most dangerous of these are: Islamic Supremacy, Jihad, Ethical Dualism and Taqiyya. Taqiyya is sacred deception. Muhammad repeatedly encouraged Muslims to deceive non-Muslims to advance Islam.

“Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is their destination.” – Koran 9:73

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” – Hosea 4:6 ESV

Mike Scruggs is the author of two books: The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths; and Lessons from the Vietnam War: Truths the Media Never Told You, and over 600 articles on military history, national security, intelligent design, genealogical genetics, immigration, current political affairs, Islam, and the Middle East.
He holds a BS degree from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Stanford University. A former USAF intelligence officer and Air Commando, he is a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and holds the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, and Air Medal. He is a retired First Vice President for a major national financial services firm and former Chairman of the Board of a classical Christian school.
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