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North Carolina and the Fate of the American Republic

The White House

Despite what some of the reprehensible media are telling you, the 2020 Election is not over. There has been so much obvious vote fraud and unlawful counting procedure on the Democratic side that counting the vote correctly is now subject to careful review and remedial direction at the hands of the United States Supreme Court.  If you are celebrating a Biden victory, you are foolishly celebrating a national disaster of unprecedented evil too soon.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) had issued a controversial policy change on September 22, which did not require a witness signature for absentee ballots and also extended the allowable receipt of absentee ballots to November 12.  However, it is the North Carolina General Assembly alone and not the NCSBE, the NC Attorney General, or the Governor that has the authority to make changes in voting rules. The NCSBE had acted without NC General Assembly authority and dangerously close to the November 3 Election to make such changes. Fortunately, on September 30, U S. District Court Judge William Osteen, Jr harshly rebuked the NCSBE’s brand new policy for handling absentee ballots and ordered its implementation to cease.

The NCSBE immediately reversed course, and set aside a little over a week’s collection of absentee ballots without witness signatures. Osteen was particularly enraged because he had already ruled against such policies on August 4, 2020. Osteen, however, did not change the extended absentee reception date of November 12. This extended date should have been rebuked by the General Assembly, but they were not consulted.  The extended date for collecting votes makes vote fraud easier. Absentee balloting usually works smoothly, when the procedure starts with a voter request vetted by a County Election Board, and when they must be postmarked by election day.  Note that North Carolina courts, including the North Carolina Supreme Court, do not have authority to make election laws. It is only the North Carolina General Assembly that is constitutionally able to make or change election laws.  The recent elevation of politics over Constitution on the North Carolina Supreme Court resulted in the failure to require Voter ID cards, a vote integrity measure approved by both a General Referendum of North Carolina voters and the General Assembly. By blocking Voter ID, the Democrat dominated NC Supreme Court and NCSBE, Attorney General, and Governor have essentially invited more voter fraud. The extension of the absentee vote collection to November 12 was not necessary. It only made more voter fraud likely.

The Covid health crisis was perhaps a legitimate consideration encouraging more voting by mail, but it was also another opportunity to make vote fraud easier.  North Carolina joined Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan (all with Democrat Governors) in extended vote counting. It has worked well so far in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, to overcome substantial regular voting leads by Trump, enough to give Joe Biden the presidency, if not overturned by the U.S Supreme Court for widespread vote fraud. At any rate, if Biden is victorious in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, it will be an extremely tainted victory.  I believe the same irregularities are also occurring to a considerable extent in Georgia.  This is largely driven by voting in the Atlanta area counties.

The mainstream media is blindly irresponsible, if they try to dismiss the reality of the massive vote fraud and irregularities going on in at least seven battle-ground states. The election rules change and timing are obviously coordinated to allow increased illegal or fraudulent votes.  

I have been involved in politics for close to 50 years. I have been a Republican County Chairman in two different states—North Carolina and Alabama—and served at various other volunteer positions in both grassroots efforts and political fund raising. Vote fraud is usually a small factor except in big cities, of which the most notorious are probably Chicago, Philadelphia, and Detroit.  However, I have seen vote fraud in smaller counties and municipalities, too. I have seen some Republican irregularities, but the vast majority is perpetrated by Democrats in close elections.  I have a rule of thumb based on actual experience that Republicans need to get 51.5 to 53 percent of the vote or they are vulnerable to losing an election over irregularities and fraud.

All you need is a calculator and comparative statistics from 2012 and 2016 to be very suspicious of what is transpiring in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia. Opening the door to more illegal voting has set the stage for fraudulent erasure of Republican Presidential and Senate leads of about 76,000 in North Carolina with a November 12 surprise.

All the rules of monitoring for fair elections have already been egregiously broken in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and probably Georgia and other states. I am not confident that North Carolina will be different with remaining votes to be counted. .

On September 22, the two Republican members of the five-member NCSBE, Ken Raymond, and David Black, resigned because they felt Attorney General Josh Stein had misled them on the proposed election rules changes and the likelihood of prevailing against a Democrat associated activist plaintiff lobbying for the changes. It seemed to the former Republican board members that several cases were set up so that the Attorney General could continually compromise further and further toward Democrat Party advantaged rules.  Here is a quote from Ken Raymond’s resignation letter:

 “Regarding the settlement agreement with the plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed by the North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans against the State Board of Elections, attorneys from AG Josh Stein’s office did not advise us of the fact that a lot of the concessions made in the settlement have already been denied in a prior case by a federal judge and another case by a state court three-judge panel. Secondly, we were led to believe that refusal to make a deal that included the extension of mail in absentee ballots, past the legal acceptance date, would also result in the elimination of the one witness requirement for residents voting absentee by mail. Additionally, we were led to believe the effective administration of the election itself rested upon a settlement. And if a judicial order were issued as voters cast their ballots, the effective administration of the election would be impossible”

Here is a quote from David Black’s resignation.

“Many of the new rules for the elections this year have been brought about by lawsuits filed against the NCBOE and the opinion from the NC Attorney General’s Office that the likelihood of prevailing in court would be slim.[and that] A negotiated settlement would be the best option for our agency to pursue.”

On September 24, Lt. Governor Dan Forest appealed to U.S. Attorney General Robert Barr for intervention. He began his letter with this summary:

 “I am formerly requesting that the United States Department of Justice investigate the collusive attack on the integrity of North Carolina elections by the North Carolina State Board of Elections and the office of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein”

Attempting such changes when the election was already underway is egregious in itself, and it left little time to protest or defend against what could be an effective theft of presidential electoral votes and a Republican Senate seat badly needed to prevent the radical agenda of the Democratic leadership. Knowing the Democrat Party objectives and their ruthless methods of winning by fraud and irregularities, I cannot be confident that Trump and Tillis will retain their lead in North Carolina.

The principal method of vote fraud this year is creating and counting hundreds of thousands; even millions, of unlawful or phony votes.  Fair and legal elections should only count legal votes.  Mailing out unsolicited ballots from inaccurate voter lists is an almost automatic win for crooked politicians. These are usually assisted by “vote harvesting,” away from the polling place and outside any supervision, which is a big plus for crooked politicians. Plenty of vote fraud can also occur at the counting areas, if not closely monitored by poll watchers. The Democrats in Philadelphia and other fraud prone locations are not allowing Republican poll watchers—a serious violation of election laws in every state.  That effectively hides any crooked practices.

Meanwhile, much more frightening computer software methods of election fraud have been identified in Michigan and Georgia. In Antrim County, Michigan, a computer “glitch” caused 6,000 votes for Republicans to become 6,000 votes for Democrats. This has been corrected, but 47 other counties in Michigan are using the same software made by Dominion Voting Systems Corporation. Their voting software is used in at least 30 states, including North Carolina. It has already turned up in at least one Georgia county, where a “glitch” occurred after a software change by the company on the night of November 2.

News media may project probable election success, but they have no authority to certify or declare official winners.  To do so, is dangerously presumptive and terribly dishonest. But most of our media has proved itself astonishingly dishonest.  We will have to wait for the Supreme Court of the United States to weigh in on the honesty and fairness of this election before the winners are called.

Most people with any discernment for truth and sound policy can see that a Biden-Harris presidency will prove disastrous on almost every front and a major victory for China. If the Democrats also win the Senate, it will be a permanent victory for one-party radical leftist rule.  . Only a remarkable Providence could deliver us from corrupt and oppressive government. Freedom and prosperity will have died with massive vote fraud.  

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