Tara Servatius, host of the TARA Show on WORD Radio FM 106.3 from 6 to 10 am on weekdays, discussed the importance of the upcoming presidential election with the Greenville County Republican Women’s Club, Thursday.

She discussed the Supreme Court Decision on Homosexual marriage and said court appointments would be the most important task of the next president with the retirement of conservative judges during the next 4 years.

Tara said the Homosexual marriage decision would impact much more than marriage. It will first surface with lawsuits in schools due to the “dignity rights” and “self-identity” provisions that have been little noticed by the public.

Students must be allowed to use the restrooms of their choice and businesses must provide the same to their employees.

Tara noted that the Congress has the power to make changes in the courts, but must have a supportive president in order to do so. They can change the number of judges on a court. They could reduce the number of judges on the Supreme Court. They could eliminate an entire appeals court, for example.


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