Elected Officials, Grassroots Leaders, and Former Congressional Candidates Unite Behind Lee Bright.

4th Congressional Candidate  Lee Bright
4th Congressional Candidate Lee Bright

Greenville, S.C. - Thursday at noon, conservative fighter Lee Bright hosted a roundtable press conference that featured prominent South Carolina conservative leaders who stated their endorsement for Bright’s congressional campaign. This coalition was comprised of elected officials, grassroots leaders and even former candidates for the Fourth Congressional District.

“I’m incredibly honored to receive the support of so many prominent conservative leaders who want to take the fight against the political establishment in DC,” Bright stated. “My campaign has earned the endorsement of conservative champions who hold elected office, as well as grassroots leaders who have fought in the trenches against Big Government interests for years. I’m truly humbled to receive support from former candidates in this race who want to see conservative leadership in Washington.”

Former congressional candidate Stephen Brown stated, “It’s time for conservatives to unite and get behind a candidate who we know will advocate limited government principles and restore the rule of law in this country. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Lee over the years and throughout this election and I can say with absolute certainty that he will stand with President Trump and help drain the swamp in DC. There’s no guessing where Lee stands on the issues or how he’ll vote in Congress. I urge voters to elect Lee Bright and send him to Washington so he can fight for us.”

James Epley, another former congressional candidate, stated, “It’s imperative that we send someone to Washington who will advance President Trump’s agenda to build the wall and end illegal immigration. Lee Bright has fought against the political establishment time and time again and that’s exactly the type of person we desperately need to send to DC. The people of the Fourth Congressional District deserve a representative that is motivated by public service - not career advancement. They also need someone with the political courage to advocate for their interests without caving to pressure from special interest groups and who will support President Trump’s conservative agenda. Therefore, it is my pleasure to offer Lee my full endorsement in his race for South Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District.”

The roundtable was conducted at Lee Bright’s campaign office in Greenville and was followed by a strategy discussion. Lee Bright has already been endorsed by Conservative Congressman Steve King and Thomas Massie.

Below are the members of the conservative coalition:

Constitutional Party Leader Ted Adams endorsed Lee Bright for Congress. He says, “Lee has helped us and now we need to help him! Lee is in a tight primary run off on Tues., June 26th. You can help by voting, of course, and also by making phone calls, and putting up and/or delivering signs.

“To volunteer please call Nate Myers at 864-328-8717,  Bright Campaign Headquarters at 714 E. McBee Ave. in Greenville.

“To get started, learn about Lee by listening to the debate with his opponent, WilliamTimmons,  a lawyer, on Monday June 18 at 6:30 pm on radio 94.5 WGTK, and then start telling your friends about this rare opportunity to send a real pro gun, pro life, statesman to Washington.

“Be sure to tell them about Timmon’s  writing  a check for $1,000 to fellow lawyer  Lindsey Graham to help support the ‘gang of eight’ amnesty for illegal aliens.

“In SC, we are in a struggle between the people and the special interests who have tons of cash to buy elections. The people don’t donate a lot, so we must make up for that by turning out the VOTE.  Call Nate today!

“Your help may make the difference between Lee winning or Timmons winning. Think about that!”


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