In a recent letter to an editor (not the Times Examiner) the writer was asking the publication to provide more liberal cartoons in their weekly paper. I cannot remember a Trump positive cartoon ever being printed in the paper, but there are one or two Trump negative cartoons in most issues. The paper, which probably calls itself neutral is, in my strongly conservative opinion, very Progressive. I am suspecting that the letter was being written in reply to a conservative letter that was being critical of the publisher for not showing a more balanced approach, but I cannot be sure. Considering the issue reminds me of a time when I thought all news media was required to present all sides of the issues they were reporting on, and reported only facts that could be verified. Opinions had to be identified as opinions and could not be lumped in with the facts. Thinking such thoughts about the free press seems to have been one of my youthful errors. I even had the idea that the license to report news could be taken from publishers (or broadcasters) if they failed in such efforts. Boy! Was I dumb. We wouldn’t have anybody reporting anything now if that were the case.

As I watch the group marchers with their signs of hatred along with their evident lack of true knowledge of what they are protesting my heart aches for them more than for the persons or actions they are protesting. Unless I’m mistaken it was Lenin who would refer to them as useful idiots. Maybe Soros uses the same terminology. I don’t have the quotes in front of me but I know that our Founding Fathers commented that our liberties could only be preserved through vigilant watchfulness. At least one of them said that the government they had given us would only work for a moral and religious people. The religion he was referring to was Christianity, which many within our leadership are trying to remove from our culture. I think another of those Founding Fathers said, in effect, “we cannot have morality without Christianity,” and if we think we can we are fooling ourselves.

Our Scriptures tell us we should have watchmen on the walls to remind us when the enemy is coming. We have had a number of those watchmen over the last half-hundred years but we seemed to have not been listening. The sheep were asleep and the shepherds were few. So we failed to notice when they removed God from the colleges and replaced Him with humanist philosophers. When they slipped federal money into our state educational systems it provided them with an excuse to remove God from our local schools, and we still weren’t watching.

When we had airplanes crashing onto public buildings and mass shootings taking place in our schools we started waking up to some of what was happening, but by then the enemy had his lies ready for us and we still failed to understand the truth. Our watchfulness was not very vigilant. We just refused to wake up. It was about this time a man called Donald Trump appeared on the scene. Everybody sort of laughed when he said he would run for the presidency. Democrats didn’t care, they could beat him easily. On election night they stopped laughing. Trump saw you and me and identified with us and we saw a fighter who could clean up the mess we had allowed to develop and we elected him. Now we need to elect a Congress that will work with him instead of against him. In this last year we have made some headway, but we aren’t out of the woods yet. The fence has not been built and the swamp hasn’t been drained.

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