As candidates come forward and election fever grips the people there are many questions about the Tea Party activities and how they might serve to shift the party powers in the Washington arena.  Allegations run rampant about problems within the Tea Party movement.  Are Republicans trying to take it over?  Is it being infiltrated by so-called Progressives?  Is it too representative of the fringe elements of our political system?  Is it in danger of becoming a third party spoiler that could split the conservative votes and allow the Democrats to continue their power monopoly? 

Possibly all of the above.  You can bet the Progressives (in both the Democratic and Republican parties) will be using whatever means they have to thwart any loss of the power that the election of Barak Obama and his cronies in 2008 gave them.  One of their major thrusts has already begun: the effort to paint the tea party activists as right wing extremists who do not understand how our government works.  Actually, the fact that many of them more fully understand how it is supposed to work is what bothers the Progressives most.  The Progressive agenda is to work around our Constitution and finally supplant it with a system that takes the power from the people and lodges it in the hands of a few elites who will establish their idea of Utopia for the masses.  This will be equality for all.  The elites will enjoy their equality and everyone else will enjoy their servitude.

I listen to Glenn Beck, to Hannity, to O'Reilly and sometimes to Rush Limbaugh.  I appreciate how all these men are working hard to inform us truthfully about what we are facing.  Of them, I find Beck to be closer to what I believe to be the truth.  O'Reilly has stated that the Tea Party movement should refrain from calling Obama a socialist, which he certainly is, and he obviously does not believe that our present difficulties are the result of some kind of conspiracy.  If he would do his homework in investigating the conspiracy movement as well as he does in promoting his O'Reilly factors he might be inclined to see a better truth.  Hannity is good but stops short in his evaluation about what is really taking place and that is that the real revolution is what is taking place in the halls of government in Washington.  Rush comes pretty close to hitting the nail on the head, but still seems to have some problem with the "conspiracy theory."

The Tea Party movement is one of the best things I've seen on our political scene in the last 25 years.  It shows that vast numbers of our population are finally waking up to what has been going on for decades.  It may be too little, too late.  And there are many reasons that it could flutter and fall apart and die.  One is that it has no national leadership and no stated platform giving goals to its efforts.  Some people say this is probably a good thing since it allows various leaders to come forth in different areas and that may bring different issues to the fore.  Observing what I have, there seems to be some issues that are paramount across the nation.  Stop spending money we don't have!  Listen to what we are telling you!  Support the Constitution you vowed to support or move over for someone who will!  Get government out of the way so that a free market can succeed or fail on its own.  You should live with any laws you pass;  government officials don't rate special exemptions.

If some foreign country were trying to do to us what our own government is doing, we would demand that our military be called out to defend us.  Our Founding Fathers warned us that no Democracy can long survive and they gave us a Republic.  We have done our damnedest to convert it to a Democracy and now are watching a group of Progressives trying to move on to Socialism.


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