The statement above [Mark 3:24 (ASV)] is one every American who loves this country and freedom should be considering. In past crises we have all been Americans working together toward an end and were able to salvage the basic foundation on which our nation was built. Today we are allowing ourselves to be divided into numerous factions that are at war with one another. Some have a hatred for this nation and disavow the history of our accomplishments. Their goal is to destroy rather than to build. If we fail to stop them they will take down freedom and destroy the greatest nation ever to have existed on planet earth.

They say our Constitution protects their right to march and demonstrate. It sure doesn’t protect their right to destroy property and violently attack others; these are criminal acts and the elected officials in those States and Cities should be prohibiting them and arresting any and every one involved. The major function of our government is to protect its citizens and their properties. The elected officials allowing or supporting such acts are not living up to their vow to honor and protect the Constitution and should be removed from office. They obviously do not know our true history nor the history of the French Revolution -- nor which French citizens were first to lose their heads following the governmental takeover by their new masters. The new Utopia they thought they were creating turned out not to be too healthy. That’s the way most revolutions end, and what we are seeing is an attempted revolution – simply stated TREASON! One should always check the foods when being offered free lunches.

It’s obvious our Congress, and especially the Democratic division, is working much harder for their welfare than they are for the people they are supposed to be serving. Last evening I was watching a TV show in which the guest was relating how the Obama Administration was working to take over local suburban-area governments to control the nature of the homes in efforts to make everyone equal… no more rich folk with nicer places and eventually maybe no more single family homes. President Trump has been working to undo some of what Obama had introduced. His opponent, Mr. Biden, has promised to continue the process started while he was Vice President; after all, equality is to be desired. Our Declaration of Independence plainly tells us God created all men equal… He sure didn’t give them equal abilities, I can’t play basketball nearly as well as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Equality as represented in the Declaration of Independence means something quite different: it’s a spiritual equality in the eyes of God, some men are born rich some are born poor, some men are born black some white some yellow some brown -- comparisons are innumerable but each has the same opportunity with God.

Have you wondered, as I have, why the (so-called) medical specialists keep denying the use of Hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of the current coronavirus pandemic? Numerous doctors worldwide have expressed their success with this old but cheap medication in treating their patients without any side effects. Also a Doctor Richard Bartlett was recently interviewed on a Dallas Texas TV Station about a paper he had written concerning his success using an inhaled steroid (Budesonide) as treatment for the coronavirus. He had passed a copy of this paper to Senator Ted Cruz and mailed a copy to the President.  I’m wondering why there hasn’t been more forthcoming on this treatment. It appears either of these treatments would save many lives if they were used properly in the early stages of the disease. Perhaps there are factions in our medical system that prefer to have the disease linger until after the coming election, or even worse, there may be other factions considering the financial gain in the developing of a vaccine… or even worse… a little population control here. I say I have the right to discuss my case with the doctor of my choice and the two of us decide my treatment and the government stay out of it. Is that one of the freedoms we lose if we vote Democratic?

On a drive the other day I noticed several signs using the words LIBERTY and FREEDOM. These are common words for Americans. We take them for granted. A lot of other countries cannot. Cubans cannot, Russians cannot, and Chinese cannot. In fact probably most of the countries in our world today cannot. Think about how those of you in most American States today are not free to choose to wear a mask or to go to Church or to do…..many things. Even without the pandemic you are not free to use certain comments, you are not even free to pray in school. The election coming up in November could make liberty and freedom rare words in America. I just picked up a magazine with a major article heading: The Battle for the Soul of America. Let me quote a couple of sentences: “In the past 90 days, our nation has experienced a plague, an economic meltdown, and rioting and social unrest all at the same time. We’ve never had such a series of events in the history of this nation….. David Wilkerson saw this coming….On the 7th of March, 2009, he said this: ‘Major cities across America will experience riots and burning fires. There will be looting including Times Square in New York.’” 1 And that’s just a small sample. The soul of America is at stake. 

Recently I was listening to a Pastor who wasn’t afraid of losing tax deductibles nor of discussing truth. He felt perfectly comfortable talking about what the government is and isn’t doing. He was preaching strong against the religion of Secular Humanism. You didn’t know Secular Humanism was a religion? Look up religion in the dictionary and think about it. Of course this was a Christian Pastor and Christianity is not a religion; it is a personal relationship between you and Jesus Christ. He said the actions going on in many of our cities is a Neo-Marxist movement to destroy our Republic and replace it with a socialistic government, one that governs from the top down where we-the-people have no voice. The illegal and unjust Mob control we are seeing is a well-planned movement to divide our people through guilt. We should be guilty for the slavery our forefathers used to build this country, guilty for using up our minerals and destroying our climate and polluting our waters, etcetera, etcetera, etc. We should be aware it is an anti-God movement and if successful will eventually remove the worship of Christ from our nation. The guns and ammunition we may have accumulated is not our strength. Our strength is to stand fast and to stand in the strength of our Lord. Most news media is supporting the enemy. Fox News understands the problem but has no solution.  Believing in Christ and His doctrines is the only way to bring peace to a fallen humanity.

As a nation we have moved from our Christian foundations, something our Founding Fathers warned us not to do.

1. Article by Mike Evans in July 2020 issue “Friends of Zion” magazine.

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