Screenshot 2021 07 26 113212I look around and I see so many things going on that I find hard to understand. Many people I know and see often seem to be looking at the world differently. It looks to me as if they fail to understand the deep trouble bearing down upon our nation. And they seem to prefer not to talk about it. On line I find many pastors discussing these things but apparently most people are content to limit their exposure to their local pastors, many of whom will not bring up controversial issues. I don’t hear many people mentioning this Critical Race Theory (CRT) that is invading our schools, other institutions and even many of our churches. One might mention it and get a “What’s that?” I personally haven’t really been following it as I should, but the other week I heard an on-line sermon* that spelled it out clearly as a False Gospel the enemy is seeking to insert into Christian churches, and succeeding in many of them.

In efforts to divide-and-conquer our citizenry, our unelected government and their mass-media cronies are pushing the race-issue for all it’s worth. They treat any problem as if it has racial inequities as its source. And most of our citizens seem to be accepting the concept that America has always been a racist nation unfair to the poor and colored in our communities. This is what is being preached in our schools and fed to our military. The fact that it is a Marxist tool designed to change our way of living is not explained. Our true history does not support the allegations, which are designed to further pit one race against the other. They keep saying they want to put us all on an equal footing and bring us together. That’s a lie, the instigators want to push the whites aside and have others assume control. Everyone has heard the quote: “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.” That is the goal—destroy our republic and replace it with a government in which we-the-people have no voice.

Several organizations, including Hillsdale College, have raised issues against CRT and are trying to get the word out about the real force behind this program. It is just another tool being used by the Devil and his global minions to replace true Christian doctrine and substitute their own doctrine of ‘we can fix it’, which they never do. When you have been around as long as I have you learn that human ‘fix-its’ generally make it worse. The Lord’s way is always the best way, and He has given us the book that tells us how--- if only we will only listen.

*check Andy Woods’ 4th of July sermon at:

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