Pastor Responds to Tebow Cancellation of Speaking Engagement

New York Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow had been scheduled to speak at the dedication of Dallas, Texas, First Baptist Church’s new $130 million campus next month.

First Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress has been a strong advocate for traditional marriage between one man and one woman and has been an uncompromising supporter of Biblical truth.

The liberal media, politicians and some so-called Protestant pastors have attacked Pastor Jeffress for his lack of support and agreement with Muslim, Catholic and Mormon doctrine.

When information was released that Tim Tebow was going to speak at the church dedication, the liberal / leftist media and some of his supposed fans began to send him emails. Under pressure he called the pastor saying that “for personal and professional reasons he needed to avoid controversy at this time, but would like to come to First Baptist, Dallas, to speak at a future date,” a statement released by the church said.

Much of the media has had a “field day” bashing the pastor; however, he has received strong support from his congregation and Bible believing Christians of various denominations.

Most of the reports included controversial sounding portions of the pastor’s response that is included in a brief segment at the beginning of the Sunday, February 24 service.

Many reports included a statement thanking all pastors and others that stood with Jeffress, and interpreted the statement as calling Tebow a “wimp.”

“I’m grateful for men of God like these who are willing to stand up and act like men rather than wimping out when it gets a little controversial and an inconvenient thing to stand for the truth. God bless men like that.”

The important part of the Jeffress message to his congregation that earned two standing ovations was the following:

“I had a little renewal and recommitment in my life this week and I recommitted to God and to this congregation that as long as I am the Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, we are not going to kneel before the altar of political correctness and convenience. We are going to stand up and boldly proclaim the Grace of God and the truth of God without compromise so help me God. That is my commitment.”


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