Well, it is that time of year again when I would like to remind everyone about the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion (this year will be the 25 year)which has been “a gospel music family gathering since 1988” and will again to be in Greenville this year. This year’s event will be held at The Hyatt Hotel. There seems to be some confusion about this year’s event since all the activities are at the Hyatt. If you are local and want to attend only the concerts or other events that occur during the day you can do so without staying at the hotel. The Thursday night concert will be dinner and a concert at a cost of $67. Friday and Saturday night concerts will be the same venue as in the past at a cost of $27 each night.

This event is not just 3 days of concerts but jam-packed with a lot of other activities. The activities begin on Wednesday evening with a party hosted by the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion man himself, Charlie Waller. This event is for those who travel and stay at the Hyatt and this event is aptly named “Charlie’s Party” this is always a fun time complete with good music, good food and laughter. “Let’s Make A Deal” is certainly a one of a kind game show and defies explanation. This event is held on Friday Morning. An event which has become a tradition at The Grand Ole Gospel Reunion is the “Piano Roll of Honor” held on Friday afternoon.  Each year the best of the best keyboard artists are inducted into the “Piano Roll of Honor.”

A new event this year is “This Is Your Life” which will be held at 10:30am on Saturday.

Artists which are scheduled to appear include the Florida Boys, Dove Brothers, Dixie Melody Boys,  Melody Boys, Bill Shaw, Tommy Atwood, Southern Sound, Dixie Echoes, Diplomats, Chuck Wagon Gang, Eddie Wallace, Blackwood Quartet, as well as many others. I for one am glad that Charlie Waller has devoted his life to preserving “Southern Gospel Music” and am proud that the upstate is once again the home of The Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.

Make your plans to attend this “happening” on August 9 through 11. If you need additional information call (864) 421-3889.You can visit www.grand for ticket prices. Hope to see you there.


I can be contacted at 864-979-9626 or 864-895-1287.

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