This year at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion a group which made their debut some 12 years ago will return with the original members for a special concert. It is none-other than the original Dove Brothers Quartet from Greenville, North Carolina. The following is from an article I wrote about the Dove Brothers several years ago when this group was together as you will see them at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion August 11th through 13th. Now for a look at, in my opinion, a group which has successfully brought back The Statesmen and Blackwood Brothers style of singing which was so popular years ago.


The first opportunity I had to see this group was at The Grand Ole Gospel Reunion a few years ago, but since then I have had the privilege of seeing them on several occasions. Their first project was entitled “Pure Tradition” and had some classics as well as some songs written by McCray Dove, the lead singer of the group.

Another of their projects is a selection of hymns along with a song which was written by McCray as a dedication to Glen Payne called “The Preacher.” This project is entitled “The Old Country Church.”  One of the old tunes which brings the house down is “Get Away Jordan” made famous by The Statesmen. Another song which everyone enjoys is “Rain, Rain, Rain.” This song has been sung for years by Greenville’s own group, The Trav’lers.

I have already mentioned McCray Dove for his songwriting ability, but he also owns the group and handles the business affairs. Some of you may remember McCray from his years, 11 to be exact, with the Dixie Melody Boys. McCray says that one of the most influential people in his career was the owner and bass singer of the Dixie Melody Boys, Ed O’Neal.

A traditional Southern Gospel Quartet is what they call themselves and to hear them you would think they have been singing this music all their lives. But in fact this is a group of young men who for the most part were not involved in Southern Gospel music until this group was formed two or so years ago. McCray as I mentioned has sung for a number of years, his brother Eric, sings baritone, John Rulapaugh will be back singing the tenor. The bass singer will be Burman Porter and at the piano will be Richard Simmons.

The Dove Brothers believe that being in Southern Gospel Music is more than just spending an hour or so on stage at a concert. They believe that one must live like Christ off stage in order to sing about Him on stage. The Dove Brothers believe that there are four reasons why they have risen to the top of their industry so quickly. First, all of them have the assurance that they are doing what God wants them to do; second, they have the support of their families; third, they are committed to their fans; and last, they are committed to their industry and to each other. I think you will agree with me that with young folks like these guys our special kind of music is in good hands.

The Dove Brothers as mentioned earlier will be at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion this year, both the current group as well as the original group. Make plans to attend this every special event.

For tickets, call 864-288-5251 or myself at (864) 979-9626 or (864) 895-1287.


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