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COLUMBIA, S.C. – On Friday, Governor Nikki Haley testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight & Government Reform’s field hearing, “Unionization Through Regulation: The NLRB's Holding Pattern on Free Enterprise.”

During the hearing, Gov. Haley said, “[W]hat I can tell you is, as governor, my job is to do whatever I can to create more [jobs].  I never thought that a president and his appointees at the National Labor Relations Board would be one of the biggest opponents. If you tell a great American company like Boeing that they cannot create jobs in South Carolina all you are doing is incentivizing those companies to go overseas…It's an attack on our employers in this country who are trying to keep business in America. It's an attack on the employees who appreciate the fact that they have jobs to go to. It's an attack on the states that work hard to make sure we keep the cost of doing business low, that we continue to have a pro-business environment, and that we do everything that makes America great.”

Gov. Haley continued, “[W]hile South Carolina is the first state to have to deal with this, while Boeing is the first company to deal with this, this needs to be the last company to deal with this. If we are going to prosper, if our economy is going to prosper, we cannot let the federal government and unelected bureaucrats come in and start pushing their way in on our American companies.”

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