The dangerous
The dangerous "Obammacoccus Stupidicus" Virus (Greatly Magnified).

We all know that the “zombies” have been among us for quite some time!  Stupid “zombie” shows on TV entertain the mentally challenged mouth breathers among the population, keeping them occupied and relatively harmless while the normal adult population tries to go about their daily routines, struggling in increasing frustration to keep their lives on a “straight line”, their struggling finances above water, and their status as free citizens still intact.  Add to this fantasy zombie fixation the real and serious threat facing all freedom loving Americans:  Political Zombies (aka liberals/progressives/socialists, Dumbocrats, moonbats), and we have a potential disaster of significant proportions facing all of us.

As a Christian I reject the concept of “zombies”, or dead people given the “semblance” of life, but who are mute and without self-will, caused by some evil and supernatural force, and always for evil purposes.  Some  ‘zombie” fanatics propose that the poor creatures, mostly always dead but sometimes just mentally disabled, have been turned into those fantasy monsters by some form of mutated rabies virus.  Well, it makes for a hair-raising and goose bump-producing tale, but I propose that “political zombies” DO exist, have existed for many decades, especially within The Klan of New Bolsheviks, (formerly known as  the Dumbocrat Party), are significantly more frightening than those fantasy zombies,  and have undoubtedly been caused by a nasty and virulent strain of a freedom-threatening virus called in our present time---OBAMMACOCCUS  STUPIDICUS, or O/S for short!

This modern brain infection has been known by other names in the past, such as Lincolnodious Toxic Bacillus (first identified in 1860 and which caused uncontrollable urges to invade another country to pillage and destroy); Wilsonitus Incompetitus Taxacoccus (a surly virus that reared its ugly head and did much damage to the inhabitants of the “House of Liberty” in the years right before WW1, and which induced the American government to adopt the Marxist progressive income tax and the Marxist Central Bank (the Federal Reserve System); Newdealicus Spendacoccus  (also known as “FDR’s Disease--a particularly nasty strain that surfaced in the early 1930’s and whose infectious damage to our “body politic” lingers to this very day); Liarodious Bilious Johnson’s Disease, or LBJ’s Disease, (a virus purposely injected into our national “blood stream” by a disgusting horde of leftist politicians in the 1960’s that induced the disintegration of our black American families, encouraged their dependence on “government antidotes”, and led to dependence on deficit spending); Clintonitus Obliteratus Disgusticus, or COD Syndrome,  (which induces severe cases of lying, corruption, sexual mistreatment of women, uncontrolled destruction of one’s emails and computer hard drives, and a desire to permanently silence potentially embarrassing revelations from political opponents or former friends); and one of the more modern infections, called Bushitis Stupidicus (or B/S), which has been known to cause severe theological confusion and a strong desire to put the interests of “globalists” and international financiers  above our American people’s well being, and which often causes strong  “urges” to meddle militarily in the affairs of other countries.  Sadly, this infectious B/S malady is still prevalent throughout the area known as The District of Criminals and Corruption, and is being spread within the ranks of the “neo-con” elements within that area, and even within our White House. 

But it is a present-day strain of this same nasty and potentially fatal (to freedom, constitutional government, and unsuspecting Dumbocrats and RINOS) brain disease caused by the virus known as Obammacoccus Stupidicus, a blue colored “bug” with reddish protuberances (to make it appear that this ghastly virus isn’t really deadly) which began infecting Americans beginning in 2008 (but probably long before) and threatened to overwhelm all of us for eight desperate years (during which “cures” offered by “Republican” RINOS proved totally ineffective), and which is still virulently dangerous to common sense and American constitutionalism because it is being spread by WILLING carriers who gladly strive to infect others with the O/S induced violence and unwillingness to seek a cure from their non-infected countrymen.  

I’m sure that most of us have heard the totally accurate phrase, coined by Dr. Michael Savage, that says:  ‘Liberalism is a mental disorder”.   Modern day liberals, or as I prefer to refer to them—Marxist progressive enemies of freedom—will vehemently deny that they are infected with Obammacossus Stupidicus, or O/S, but I think I can prove that they ARE!  I believe most people with average intelligence (which eliminates most liberals and members of The Klan of New Bolsheviks—formerly called the  Democrat Party) and normal concern for their country have heard the phrase:  You can lead a liberal to the truth, but you can’t make him think!  Follow my reasoning and decide for yourselves if I can make a case that O/S has already infected a great portion of our American population.

Let’s transition into this fantasy world of O/S-infected folks by stating what we all know:  Bible-believing Christians believe that in the beginning there was NOTHING but an Ultimate & Eternal Being—our Holy Triune God-- who created everything in the universe in 6 “days”.  Liberals, and their blood brothers, atheists, believe that in the beginning there was NOTHING (NO time, NO space, NO matter), which suddenly and “miraculously” EXPLODED to create EVERYTHING in the observable universe about 15 billion years ago (give or take a few billion years).  Now if that isn’t a sign of a “mental disorder”, probably caused by O/S, I don’t know what is.  (I’ve often said that it takes much more faith to believe in the Big Bang Theory of creation than it takes to believe that there IS an all-powerful God who created everything at His command, over a short period of time).  But  I digress.

What are the usual “symptoms” of O/S that infects its host and turns him or her into a raving and incoherent “liberal”?  (Disclaimer:  I retrieved these gems of wisdom from a web site that had no real identification as to authorship, so I’m sharing the wisdom of others with you while using some of my own words.)  Here are 5 “symptoms” that have been suggested:

So there we have it---the mind damaging and violence inducing effects of O/S which have plagued our world in general, and the U.S. in particular, for most of the 20th century (and right up to this very day), when this serious brain infection took many different forms, all leading to the same mind-destroying “political zombification” of our body politic; when this infestation began to convince our once-free and determined-to-stay-free people that government could do “more” for them than they could do for themselves—when these people with the noble heritage of Magna Charta and The Declaration of Independence began to doubt the wisdom of their ancestors, and decided that raiding the public treasury was conducive to “prosperity”, and that living within our national “means”  was “old fashioned” and prosperity-destroying.

What about YOU, dear readers?  I’ve no doubt that those who read this great Beacon of Truth called The Digital Times Examiner have not succumbed to Obammacoccus Stupidicus because they’ve been inoculated with TRUTH.  I hope you haven’t been thus fatally infected.  Ask yourselves the 5 “test questions” above---- your truthful answers will tell you, and the rest of us, whether you have been infected with O/S or not.  It is very, very difficult to cure O/S once it gets into one’s brain.  The desire to be cured seems to fly away, and a dull and trusting sameness descends on those who suffer from this malady, causing an unwillingness to listen to truth, an almost uncontrollable urge to watch CNN or MSNBC 24 hours per day, and perpetrate violence upon others who have not been infected with O/S.  In the end, those suffering from this ghastly disease invariably  declare the immortal words of Winston Smith, in George Orwell’s 1984:  “I love Big Brother”!  And the freedom-destroying O/S disease leads them to believe that they really mean it! 

So inoculate yourselves with O/S resistant “vaccinations” of the “anti-bodies” of freedom:  God’s Word-- our Holy Bible, Breitbart News web site, The Times Examiner web site, WorldNetDaily (WND) web site, The New American magazine web site, Fox News Cable TV (only at night), One America News web site, News With Views web site, Radio station WORD  106.3 live streaming from Greenville, S.C. (ESPECIALLY the TARA SHOW from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on weekdays), and any other PROVEN constitutional conservative site that is not afraid to stand up and fight, toe to toe, with the despicable and verminous enemies of our liberties, generally known as “Democrats”, leftist liberals, and lovers of big and intimidating government. Reject the lies and the meaningless platitudes of the anti-American “main stream media” and its promoters.  Communicate your concerns to your LOCAL, STATE, AND NATIONAL governmental representatives, including our President, and demand that they adhere to our state and federal Constitutions and traditional American values, and do this consistently!

Stay far away from ALL of the “main stream media”—i.e. the alphabet TV channels, all cable news channels that do not identify positively as “conservative”, ALL social networking “spy-on-you” sites such as the increasingly anti-American/anti-free speech FACEBOOK,  Instagram, Twitter, Google,  and virtually ALL print newspapers, especially the Greenville, S.C. NEWS, The New York TIMES, The Washington POST, U.S.A. TODAY, The Los Angeles Times, etc.  And by all means STAY AWAY from “religious institutions” and their leaders who counsel their adherents, generally, and Christian Patriots specifically, to “withdraw” from the field of battle against leftist and God hating and denying totalitarianism, and not involve themselves in “worldly” matters like preserving our freedom and our constitutional republic!

Resist the evil ones and their brainwashed masses (including neo-cons and RINOS), and they’ll flee from you (and you might even induce a “cure” amongst a few of them).  Like the pathetic creatures from the pit of Hell that they are, keep shining the bright light of truth and freedom on them, and they’ll crawl back under their slimy rocks where they belong.  That’s the way to resist becoming infected with “Obammacoccus Stupidicus”, which is almost always fatal to your freedom!  Now you’ve been warned!  Take action!  Protect yourselves!

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