I can’t discover who originated that truism I used in the title to this article, but he/she was thoroughly aware of the foibles and shortcomings of that troublesome species of American citizens called “liberals” (also known as “progressives”, “socialists”, “maleducated”, “non-thinkers”, “left wingers”, and “moonbats”).  A few months ago my long-time friends in another state sent me a little tidbit of “truisms” that they had gleaned from the internet.  The article seems to have originated on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and was titled: “Is Logic the Same Thing As Common Sense?”  Let’s look at each of these gems of logical common sense and reflect on the degree to which these “observations” have made inroads into our society, and whether or not they make “common sense”. You may or may not agree with my opinions, but that’s OK as long as you think about my words.  (I apologize for the length of this article, the longest I’ve ever written, but sometimes a writer just can’t “shut up” because so much needs to be said!)

They’re one of my major “pet peeves”—cell phones, that is—“smart” or not. They are an invention that is rapidly changing America, and NOT for the better.  Cell/Smart phones are hazardous to the health of all Americans, teenagers and adults! Teens are not the only people who are obsessed with and addicted to cell phones, particularly the versions known as “smart” phones, that via their photo taking, texting, computing, and the rapidly going out of style, “old timey talking” features, along with their ability to download hordes of mostly useless and habit forming “apps”, have become virtual obsessions, not only of teenagers but sadly, of many adults.  “Texting” while driving has proved to be FATAL to many teenagers and adults in recent years, people who had apparently lost the ability to use their voices to speak face-to-face with their fellows, or use a telephone in the way it was designed to be used.  To my mind, “texting” is one of the most useless and potentially harmful innovations that have negatively affected people.  Texting while walking has proved to be equally fatal or injury producing.  And now we are hearing that younger folks are developing small “horns” on the back of their skulls, caused by so much “looking down” at a cell phone while texting.  Carpal tunnel problems in texter’s fingers must already be on the rise.  We’re also discovering that Smart phones are causing mental aberrations in increasing numbers of young people who are becoming addicted to their use.  Anyway, NO cell phones for me, ever. I don’t need one.  I refuse to become dependent on one. And I sure don’t want to be SPIED UPON, for we all know that cell phones can be “listened to” and tracked by—who knows who?  Our government? Oh no, surely NOT “our” government!

I assume that we all know that the City of Chicago is one of the most VIOLENT places on the continent, and is one of the murder centers of the country.  It has some of the most stringent anti-firearm laws in our nation, but still majors in firearm violence and murders, with scores of its inhabitants shot or killed every weekend.  The sleazy progressive Dumbocrats (i.e.The Klan of New Bolsheviks) who run Chicago love to blame “easy access” to firearms from surrounding communities and states for the weekly carnage, but seem unwilling or unable to seriously bring to justice more than just a fraction of their city’s violent denizens.  We all should know, by now, that liberals love to place the blame for mayhem on an INANIMATE OBJECT, such as a firearm, rather than on the wielder of that object—the perpetrator who actually pulls the trigger. According to their warped minds, getting rid of all firearms (which IS their ultimate goal nationwide) would miraculously end the majority of violence in our country.  Yeah, sure it would. Those of us who possess rational brains understand that chunks of metal and plastic can’t act on their own accord.  However, expecting liberals to have “rational brains” may be wishing for something that will never be!

Americans with a sense of true history know that the Second Amendment to our Constitution was not adopted to secure the right of our people to “keep and bear arms” in order to go hunting or participate in target shooting.  In addition to securing the right of Americans to protect themselves, their families, and their homes and property from the violent predators that are always among us, its real purpose was to assure that the American people had the means to resist the inroads of any future tyrannical government if it threatened their newly codified freedoms. THAT is whata well-regulated”—i.e.  A WELL TRAINED AND EQUIPPED—militia meant to our Founders—the “militia” in colonial times was almost ALL men in each community of a certain age, who were expected to provide their OWN WEAPONS, including powder and shot, and participate in regular drills and training in case they were needed to protect their homes and communities from either foreign invaders OR home-grown predators (Indians, criminal gangs, etc.), especially “predators” from their government.  

Our wise Founders didn’t trust “governments”, even the one that they created, to always be benevolent and peaceful toward the citizens who lived under that government.  They feared that even a government formed for the best of reasons, such as the one they had created in Philadelphia in 1787, had within it the “propensity” to want to become the people’s “master”, rather than its “servant”.  Thus they included an “insurance policy” known as “The 2nd Amendment”, in our Bill of Rights in 1791, which gave the American people of any time the means to RESIST the almost inevitable impulses of men who have been given some authority over others but who want to become the ultimate and ONLY authority to whom the people had to submit.  The fact that our federal government, under BOTH political parties, has grown into a power-hungry monster that delights in trying to control and dominate all Americans just proves how right our Founders were back in 1791, and it is not outside the realm of possibility that sometime in the future the American people may have to use their privately owned firearms to RESIST the depravations of our own government against us.  Those governmental depravations surfaced in 1775 and again in 1861 on a national scale, and have appeared from time to time in more local confrontations between “government” and the people, which often became violent.  As President George Washington is attributed to have said, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence—it is force.  Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master…”  Government is, indeed, a “fearful master”—especially one that has become gargantuan but that still likes to give the illusion that it willingly submits to a written constitution—which is exactly what the U.S. Federal government has become.

Intelligence-challenged liberals love to spout the nonsense that owning a firearm in one’s residence is a sure guarantee of some future tragedy, particularly if a child finds the home’s firearm.  While those instances do occur, they do so rarely, and almost always through adult carelessness.  Anti-gun libs also love to  assure us that any woman who carries a firearm for her self protection exposes herself to more violence than would normally be the case, as the usually stronger male perpetrator of that incipient violence is able to take the woman’s firearm from her and use it against her.  THAT nonsense is insulting to women, and is the same as blaming the female victim for causing the crime of violence being perpetrated upon her. ANY woman at least minimally trained to use a firearm safely is more than a match for any possible criminal aggressor, IF she is determined to really protect herself.  Don’t ever listen to the bleating of lib mental midgets as they do their best to attack “evil” firearms, and try to convince women to stay far away from them, firearms which they claim are mostly used, and abused, by men.  Women use firearms almost every day, somewhere in the U.S.,  to protect themselves and/or their families; many of these instances are documented every month in the National Rifle Association’s print magazine, America’s 1st Freedom, in its “Armed Citizen” feature.  May it continue to be so far into the future.  VIVA armed women, who don’t need to wear stupid “genital hats” or march along with thousands of other screaming leftist harpies demanding that firearms be eliminated from our society.  Frankly, I’d love to boot all of those whack job leftist females (and their male counterparts) out of our country.  But, sigh, that’s only wishful thinking!

I’ve heard various estimates over the years regarding the total number of firearms legally owned by Americans.  150 million to 300 million are figures often quoted, although one very reliable source claims as many as 600 million firearms are owned by the American people (let’s hope so).  No one knows for certain, but it IS a very large quantity. That is great, and it’s no one’s business, particularly the government’s business, as to WHO owns firearms and HOW MANY each of us owns.  IT’S NOT THEIR BUSINESS, NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE!  The vast majority of American firearms owners have a very LOW incidence of using their firearms illegally or for deliberate  violence.  Very low!  John Lott has convincingly proved in his extensive research that “more guns equals less crime!”  Firearms that are used during illegal activities are wielded by LAW BREAKERS—criminals who have no intention of obeying any law, whether or not it involves firearms.  Criminals obtain their weapons ILLEGALLY, either by theft, purchase on the criminal black market, or frequently via “straw purchases” (where someone who can pass a federal background instant check purchases a weapon illegally for someone who CAN’T). 

The current leftist/progressive screaming for “Universal Background Checks”,  is one of the mantras  of the current gaggle of honking and braying Dumbocrat wannabe POTUS’.  As everyone with an ounce of intelligence knows, and which even some of these members of The Klan of New Bolsheviks admit, Universal Background Checks will NEVER work unless and until we have UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION OF ALL FIREARMS IN THE U.S.—i.e. unless the government knows the names and addresses of ALL Americans who own firearms, AND how many each of us owns, AND their serial numbers.    As history has amply demonstrated, the END GOAL of universal firearm registration is UNIVERSAL FIREARM CONFISCATION!  Even some of our resident Bolsheviks in Congress admit that, and even concede THAT IS THEIR ULTIMATE  GOAL, although most of them lie and deny that, and love to assure the gullible among us as to how much they “support” our 2nd Amendment.  Don’t believe them, because the goal of The Klan of New Bolsheviks is to ELIMINATE our 2nd Amendment along with the rest of our Bill of Rights!

My advice and strong warning, of course, is to NEVER register your firearms with any level of government, because then THEY will know who has firearms and where they are, and eventually THEY WILL COME FOR THEM, 100% guaranteed, just as happened in Nazi Germany, in the Soviet Union, in the United Kingdom, in Australia, in Venezuela, in Eastern European countries when the collectivist monsters ruled them, and other countries, including the rapidly disintegrating People’s Republic of South Africa.  Threats of heavy fines or imprisonment for NOT submitting to the registration and, ultimately, the confiscation of one’s firearms have always been used by governments that FEAR an armed populace!  The requirement of registering one’s vehicle (mostly for tax-raising purposes) is often used by the devious enemies of our freedom as justification for demanding the registration of our firearms.  But always remember that owning a vehicle is NOT a constitutional right.  Owning and bearing and using a firearm legally IS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT via our precious and increasingly attacked 2nd Amendment!  The increasingly shrill demands on the part of leftists, Dumbocrats, and ad hoc groups of duped citizens for more “GUN CONTROL”, especially after any tragedy involving a mass shooting, is just a part of the long-running scheme by those who FEAR an armed populace to use any and all incidents of the illegal use of firearms in order to pursue new and far more restrictive laws aimed at LAW-ABIDING citizens, who mostly will obey any harsh restrictions on their 2nd Amendment constitutional rights, as opposed to criminals who will NEVER obey any such laws.  Plainly, calls for more “gun control” are really demands for more “people control”, and in the long term are mostly subterfuge aimed at the ultimate DISARMING of the American people!

Government might use the state registration of your vehicle for some “legal” reason, but unless you are a criminal, government—via its police power—should NEVER be allowed to confiscate your firearms.  NEVER!  Especially via the currently “in fashion” and very unwise “Red Flag Laws” that some of our stupid, conniving, and liberal and/or non-thinking or “desperate to do something” politicians are pushing lately, and that could allow, or even “encourage”, an irate neighbor, an ex-spouse, a jilted lover, a jealous co-worker, or a confused or hateful family member, to file an anonymous charge of some sort of “mental derangement” against YOU, as a known firearm owner, a charge wherein you are NOT allowed your constitutional right to FACE your accuser and hear the government’s charge against you, thus triggering a possible court order from a judge that sends the local police to SEARCH your home and CONFISCATE all of  your firearms,  to which you are expected to stand by and permit this unconstitutional action against you, OR ELSE!  Do you really believe that all Americans who find themselves harassed by some UNCONSTITUTIONAL “red flag law” are going to meekly comply with relinquishing their firearms?  Not a chance! Violence—including injuries and deaths among the citizenry and the authorities-- will invariably occur.  There have already been some deaths and injuries from attempted firearm confiscations in states that currently have some versions of “red flag laws”, which have never been proved to “prevent” violence.  If we allow this unconstitutional nonsense, the potential for violence will only get worse, as law abiding citizens are threatened with the loss of their constitutional rights and their legally owned property! 

Could it be that  these enemies of firearm freedom—these proponents of a disarmed populace—these progressive/socialist proto-tyrants who want things to be done THEIR WAY, are secretly  terrified of the large armed population all around them?  Could it be that they know that the only group that stands between their longed-for progressive/collectivist/socialist style of governmental TYRANNY and free men and women is a heavily armed populace who will RESIST their destruction of our constitutional liberties?  Always remember—disarmed people are SUBJECTS from whom “obedience” is demanded—or else, while armed people are CITIZENS to whom respect must be given—or else.  There is a difference, you know!  If you don’t know that, you’d better learn it quickly.  Like RIGHT NOW, because the gun grabbers are on their way, and ALL firearm owners are their targets!  Recent tragedies involving firearms and mass casualties, while terrible, are always used by leftist gun grabbing politicians and anti-firearm freedom groups as excuses to pass or try to pass more “gun control” or “gun ownership restrictions” or more “increasing of taxes on firearm and/or ammunition purchases” or more “banning of semi-automatic firearms” or “banning of standard capacity magazines”, etc.  Passing of more “feel good” laws, while ignoring or failing to enforce CURRENT firearm laws against the perpetrators of violence, is standard practice among the brain damaged liberals who hate our constitution and fear the American people!

November 22, 1963, is a date I remember all too well.  It was the day when Lee Harvey Oswald, supposedly a “lone” communist assassin, shot and murdered our President.  I was a young industrial engineer working for a company in a large city, when someone came into our office and announced that President Kennedy had just been shot, and had probably been killed.  Now I was not then, nor ever have been since, a Democrat, but I was totally shocked and truly saddened, as we all were, at the news that some low life commie had killed him. (We, of course, were not yet aware that Oswald WAS a communist—the news “massagers” (pseudo-journalists) even then were suggesting that, since everyone knew that all Republicans and “radical right wingers” hated President Kennedy, one of THEM must have been responsible).  I called myself a “constitutional conservative” even in those long-gone days of my youth, and some of my fellow engineers, who were intelligence-challenged Dumbocrats and way more liberal than I was, delighted in regular verbal “sparring” with me about the “errors of my conservative ways”; but they were driven into scowling silence when the truth of Oswald’s leftist/socialist/communist beliefs became known.  I, of course, was delighted to keep “reminding” them that Oswald was “one of them”!

Over the next few days, American society came to a halt, as people were glued to their black and white TV screens, watching the drama of the investigation of a Presidential assassination unfold, and watching the sad spectacle of a Presidential funeral, with a grieving widow and two orphaned kids, which again shut down the entire country.  I recall quite vividly the next day or so after the shooting when Lee Harvey Oswald, who had been known to Dallas police and had been apprehended, was himself shot to death in front of the entire world, on LIVE TV right in front of all of our eyes.  I remember seeing Jack Ruby point his pistol at Oswald and fire—I remember Oswald’s yell and grimace of pain as the bullet/s penetrated him, and killed him a few hours later.  While there was some discussion about the rifle that Oswald supposedly used to shoot the president, no one began the usual liberal diatribe that the rifle (which was a traditional bolt action model with a scope)—was evil and was responsible for the killing.  Nope—everyone’s focus was correctly on Lee Harvey Oswald, a killer that we soon learned was a communist who had lived in the Soviet Union for a time, and had even married a Russian woman.

Oswald was, of course, later identified by the Warren Commission as being a “lone assassin” who killed our President for his own leftist purposes—perhaps even encouraged by the leaders of the Soviet Union.  Of course, anyone who believes that Oswald acted “alone” probably also believes in “the tooth fairy”, and believes that our F.B.I. under J. Edgar Hoover AND our V.P. Lyndon Johnson were NOT involved in planning the  assassination of  a man they despised and perhaps feared, and is a likely candidate to be sold a certain bridge in Brooklyn!

6)    The National Rifle Association murders ZERO people and  receives ZERO government funds.  Planned Parenthood kills 350,000 unborn babies every year and receives $500 million in tax dollars annually.

Isn’t it truly strange that the NRA, our country’s OLDEST civil rights organization (established in 1871), is severely and fanatically attacked by the enemies of constitutional freedom as an “evil organization” that “kills innocent people”, that encourages people to “arm themselves with AR-15 style “assault rifles” which are only made to “kill people”?  (Of course, AR-15 style rifles are semi-automatic (only) sporting rifles used for hunting, target shooting, and home defense—are NOT fully automatic and are NOT suitable for use by the military on the battlefield!  ‘AR’ stands for “Armalite Rifle”, the firearm company that first developed that style of rifle, and does NOT stand for “assault rifle”, a weapon used ONLY by the military). 

Isn’t is equally strange that the Planned Parenthood baby killing organization is so strongly supported both financially and emotionally by not only “our” government (mostly by the leftist progressives and globalists therein) but also by the Klan of New Bolsheviks (Democrats) and by the brain damaged moonbats who belong to or support that party?  Isn’t is amazing that the supporters of Planned Parenthood seem to have forgotten, (conveniently or otherwise), or perhaps were never informed, that this organization was established by the sinister and “progressive” liberal, Margaret Sanger, back in the early part of the 20th century, and that Sanger was a proponent (along with Adolph Hitler) of  “eugenics”, or eliminating those with “defective genes”, was virulently ANTI-NEGRO, and did all she could during her life to promote aborting black babies and encouraging blacks to use contraceptives?  Doesn’t it seem “strange” that the Planned Parenthood organization always puts its “reproductive planning” (i.e. ABORTION) clinics IN OR NEAR black communities? Do you think that it’s remotely possible that those spawn of Margaret Sanger who run Planned Parenthood today still harbor those RACIST BELIEFS of their founder?  Hmmmmmm?

7)     I have no problem with vigorous background checks when it comes to firearms.  While we’re at it, let’s do the same when it comes to immigration, voter I.D., candidates running for office.  Also for welfare recipients.

I assume that most adults know that there already IS a requirement

that all who seek to purchase a firearm MUST do so through a federally licensed firearms dealer (including at gun shows), and must submit to a background check (NICS) filled out by that licensed firearms dealer. The records are not long kept by the government (so we are assured).  As for the background checks being required for immigrants, voter I.D. is a proven and totally lawful and practical way of assuring HONEST elections.  For candidates seeking office, and welfare recipients, there are already various stages of “background checks” supposedly being performed in states where this is allowed, but the resistance against stringent checks by the Klan of New Bolsheviks is strong, so the results are questionable.  As long as progressives/socialists/collectivists have the power they will resist burdening prospective Democrat voters with any serious requirements for providing accurate and timely and TRUTHFUL information, claiming that it “unduly burdens” lower income folks, and surely is “racist”.  You can count on that 100% of the time!

  8)   You don’t need a smoke detector; that’s what the fire department is for.  Now if you think that sounds stupid, you know how I feel when you say I don’t need a gun.

          Sounds like common sense to me.  If I believe that I need one or

more (or no) smoke detectors in my house, that is MY business, not yours. If I believe that I need one or more firearms in my house, or in my vehicle, or on my person, or in my business, and if I’m an honest and law abiding person legally able to purchase firearms, then that is also MY BUSINESS, not yours, not society’s, not any level of government’s, not some scurvy maggot-infested group of violent AntiFa protestors’,  but MINE!  I’ll not interfere with your rights, and your business.  I only ask the same from you and the rest of my fellow citizens.

 9)     Folks keep talking about another Civil War.  One side knows how to shoot and has a trillion bullets.  The other side has crying closets and is confused about which bathroom to use.  How do you think that’s going to end?

I think we all know the answer to that possible scenario.  We all pray that an actual “civil war” never happens between groups of Americans, and if we keep our wits about us and demand that our elected governmental representatives do the jobs we elected them to do, it won’t happen. However, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the slimy politicians and demagogues who not-so-secretly control the New Bolshevik Party have increasing lawlessness and ultimately, ANARCHY, as their goal in order for them to step in and assure the brainwashed and terrified American people that “they” can solve the lawlessness if “we, the people”, will allow them to SUSPEND the U.S. Constitution.  Be 100% assured that THAT is their ultimate goal!

I must  comment on the rapid deterioration of our culture regarding the mentally sick people known as “Transgenders”, the increasing incidents we hear about regarding men who think they are, or should be, a woman, and women who think they are, or should be, a man.  To my mind this is a form of serious mental disease, as cruel as it may sound. It IS the sign of a sick and decaying society to cater to gender reassignment, particularly when this rejection of common sense surfaces in the mind of some pre-teen boy or girl, or a young man or woman who is convinced that God was wrong in assigning their birth gender.  We should, as a society, resist these mentally disturbed impulses when they occur among our fellow citizens, and we should try, in genuine love and concern, to get them mental health counseling, preferably from Christian sources. As a society we should refuse to accommodate the demands of these disturbed folks, and we must refuse to pay for any treatment to surgically and/or medically “reassign genders”.  That might sound cruel, but it really isn’t—it’s “tough love”.  And to those “men into women” who demand that the rest of us “go along” with your FANTASY that you can be, or are, pregnant—let me clue you in--you’ll NEVER be pregnant, nor can you ever become such.  And it will be up to YOU to prove me wrong.  So, have at it.

I conclude with wisdom from our late President Ronald Reagan, who said: “It isn’t that our liberal friends are wrong--- it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Score another one for “The Gipper”.  Well, I’ve rambled far too long for one article.  Please excuse me it I’ve offended you, but if I have—too bad!  Get real, man-up (oh all right—woman-up too) and get over it.

This email ended with an interesting statement that I’d like to share with you:  “A gun is like a parachute.  If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.”  Hard to dispute the truth, isn’t it?

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