Judge Andrew Napolitano on Judging Freedom, interviews Col. Douglas MacGregor. This video is not only about Nordstream 1 and 2 sabotage but also the Russia-Ukraine War situation. Not what you hear on most mainstream media. About 22 minutes.

To fully understand the War, you must also be familiar with the events of 2014 including the "Maidan Revolution" and the reaction of the Russian minority, which are majorities in the Donbas and other southern and eastern Ukrainian oblasts (states). The Kyiv regime then began a cultural cleansing campaign against Russian language, history, and even religious connections to the Russian Orthodox Church. Russian minority resistance led to military suppression by the Kyiv government and the Donbas war that took at least 14,000 lives from 2014 to 2022.  

You can check MacGregor's website on your own regularly at douglasmacgregor.com of searching for Douglas MacGregor Ph.D. 

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