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Friday, July 25, 2014 - 04:19 AM
Gun Owners of America - An Highly Effective Organization PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allan E. Brown - Greenville, SC   
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 00:00

I’m sure most readers of The Times have heard of Gun Owners of America. For those not familiar, this small but highly effective organization began operating in 1975, and has done an excellent job keeping watch on anti-gun politicians and anti-gun groups determined to destroy our right to keep and bear arms. Operating with a small staff and a mere fraction of the budget of the National Rifle Association, GOA has consistently stayed in trenches as the only pro-gun rights organization that will not compromise with the anti-gunners.

Growing Rejection of Common Core PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phyllis Schlafy   
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 00:00

The most controversial current issue in education today is clearly Common Core. It’s being more hotly debated than bullying, zero tolerance, sex ed, abortion, or even school lunches.

Common Core is the title of a new set of standards that the Obama Administration has been trying to force the states to use. Even before the standards were written, 45 states and the District of Columbia signed on, encouraged by inducements of federal funds. The principal outliers are Texas, Alaska, Nebraska, and Virginia.

Now that parents and teachers are finding out what is commanded by Common Core standards and what is being taught by “Common Core-aligned” materials, moms and teachers are raising a ruckus to try to get their states to repeal their state’s involvement. Many are demanding that their state withdraw altogether from Common Core, principally because they believe it is a takeover by the Obama Administration of all that kids are taught and not taught.

VA Scandal: A Physician’s Prescription for Veterans’ Medical Care PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.   
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 00:00

President Obama promised to fix the Veterans Administration (VA) problems. “We need to make sure folks get the care they need without long waiting lists and long drives,” he said in early 2008 stump speeches.

In 2014, the VA scandal grows worse daily: USA Today reported more than 100,000 veterans are waiting to see doctors. In Florida, 8,500 veterans have been waiting more than 3 months for appointments. In Phoenix, 58 veterans died on secret waiting lists. A new audit found 64 percent of VA facilities falsified wait times, and 13 percent of schedulers were actually trained to engage in fraud. The longest waits are for mental health services. Veterans’ suicides, though reported to be falsely low, are at 22 per day or an outrageous 8,030 every year.

The Fundamental Transformation of America PDF Print E-mail
Written by Magda Aguila   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

Every day we see how things are deteriorating in our country.  Every day there is a new “issue” going on.  As a Cuban American, I have no choice but to concentrate on the underlying disease in this nation. The United States of America and its Citizens are in a quick downward spiral towards the total loss of the Freedom our Founding Fathers fought for.  At no time since the inception of this country have Franklin’s words to Mrs. Powell been more relevant:  “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

No one would argue that Cuba and its citizens enjoyed the same level of Freedom as Americans historically have had.  Even though many of Cuba’s “democratically elected” Presidents ended up grabbing power and few left office after their “constitutional” terms expired, Cubans still enjoyed a certain level of freedom and economic benefits.  So how did Cuba become a communist country in such a short period of time turning one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America into what we would now label a “Banana Republic”?

The change was subtle at times, and harsh at others and they are the same changes I am seeing in the United States now.

“Double Whammy” for Greenville County Taxpayers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

School Board and County Council Scheduled Conflict to Raise Taxes

Patricia-Taylor_Page-01Greenville County Council and the Greenville County School Board were obsessed with raising taxes at their Tuesday, June 3 meetings.  Could it have been a coincidence that the School Board scheduled their special called-meeting to raise taxes again at the exact same time that the County Council was holding a public hearing and vote on the largest proposed tax increase in county history?

The School board voted 9 to 2 to raise property taxes by 4.9 mills for operating expenses. The board has raised taxes 21.8 mills in only 5 years with all incumbent board members being returned to office.

Roger Meek, one of the trustees voting for the tax increase and up for election this year, said the increase is necessary just to maintain the same level of education for children.

Superintendent Burke Royster said all district employees would get at least a 2 percent pay increase this year. The teacher raise is funded by the State. Royster said the millage increase would only cost the owner of the average car no more than an additional 84 cents on their tax bill. The average car used as the basis for that estimate was an eleven -year-old Ford or Honda.  Owners of newer cars, boats, rental property and small businesses will take the hardest hit from the school tax increase.

Memorial Service for Oconee County PDF Print E-mail
Written by Julia Barnes   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00


Piedmont District Recording Secretary Regina Orzechowski of Williamston and Joseph Norton chapter member Cleta Bryson of Seneca attended Confederate Memorial Day in Seneca, SC, on May 10, 2014.  Mrs. Cleta Bryson, member of Joseph Norton UDC chapter, was the speaker for Confederate Memorial Day service for Oconee County.  Miss Orzechowski is also the 1st VP of Robert E. Lee UDC in Anderson.

Filing for School Board only Weeks Away PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

Running for School Board In Greenville County Provides opportunities of a Lifetime with no Filing Fee

The Greenville County School Board is composed of twelve members, each serving a voting District containing several   schools. Board members serve a four year term and there are no term limits. Except for special events, the board generally meets twice a month at the district administration building on  Camperdown Way in Greenville.

Filing to seek a position on the School Board in Greenville County opens July 15 at Noon and closes August 15 at noon. Candidates file with the Election Commission at Greenville County Square.

The elections are non-partisan and no political parties are involved, hence there are no primaries or runoffs. The candidate in each district with the most votes in the November General Election wins a four year paid position on the school board.

Camp 36 JROTC Essay Contest for Scholarship to Sam Davis Youth Camp PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rollis Smith   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00


Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 36, 16th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers inaugurated an Essay Contest this year open to Cadets chosen by their Instructors to receive the H. L. Hunley Medal. Cadet Detron Burdine, Southside High School Air Force JROTC, won this year’s scholarship. Cadet Burdine’s entry is a credit to himself, his school, and his JROTC unit. It also reflects highly on his JROTC Instructors, Major Joseph E. Windley, USAF (Ret), Senior Master Sergeant Kathleen Hodge, USAF (Ret), and Master Sergeant Kenneth Gause, USAF (Ret) whose countless hours make these programs possible. Their hard work has instilled in the Cadets an eagerness to learn, and venture where most others would not.

Don Gordon Speaks to 16th Regiment SCV in Greenville PDF Print E-mail
Written by Press Release   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

Don-Gordon_Page-05Don Gordon of Columbia, South Carolina was the guest speaker at the March meeting of the Sixteenth Regiment, S.C.V. in Greenville. Mr. Gordon used his unique presentation style to create a map of the battlefield out of the meeting room itself before walking out the movements of the contesting forces as he gave his vivid account of General Grant's Overland Campaign of 1864. At the conclusion of his presentation Mr. Gordon quoted from memory a lengthy portion of a stirring speech given by Wade Hampton in Walhalla, S.C. on September 22, 1866 at the formation of the Soldiers' Association. Quoting from Hampton "Pickens gave to me besides Calhoun's brave men and volunteers in that noble battery of Germans of Bachman one whole Company in the gallant 1st South Carolina Cavalry which formed so important a part in my old and beloved Brigade, a Brigade which though it fought on a hundred fields never knew defeat."  The Presentation drew an enthusiastic standing ovation from the packed banquet room at the Phoenix Inn.

None Dare Call It Tyranny PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

As the Obama Administration chooses what laws they will enforce or comply with, the United States is moving closer and closer to despotism and tyranny. The alleged abuses by the Administration mirror some of those enumerated against the King of England in the Declaration of Independence. As a remedy for such abuses, the writers of the Declaration conclude: But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evidences a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is the right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

As American citizens become more and more oppressed and aware of government abuses, they will attempt to make changes at the polls. Should they become convinced that there is widespread fraud in conduct of elections, such as allowing millions of illegal aliens to vote, and refusing to prosecute election fraud and other abuses, some may attempt to achieve redress through public protest and civil disobedience. This raises the question many are asking: Will members of the Armed Forces of the United States use violence against their fellow citizens if ordered to do so?

VA Scandal – a Battlefield of Deceit, Delays and Death for Veterans PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabeth Lee Vilet, M.D.   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

The VA has many truly dedicated doctors, nurses, and health professionals who do their best to genuinely serve America’s veterans. I salute their conscientious work and commitment under difficult conditions, often in a culture of fear and intimidation if they identify problems.

News headlines since the Phoenix scandal first broke in late April, however, clearly show a dark underbelly in the VA that is the antithesis of dedication to patients. It speaks of a “Code of Corruption,” not the Military’s Code of Honor that America’s veterans have upheld.

The U.S. military has an admirable code of ethics: duty, honor, and sacrifice. Their Code is to protect the vulnerable, shield civilians when possible, watch their fellow soldier’s back, and leave no one behind in combat. Our soldiers, holding themselves to these standards, trusted that the country they served would also honor its commitment to them for medical care when needed.

Big Creek Cemetery Restoration effort PDF Print E-mail
Written by Julia Barnes   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00


On Monday, May 19, 2014, Michael and Julia Barnes met with Jack Dalton at Big Creek Baptist Church between Belton & Williamston, SC, to give consultant services for gravestone cleaning.  After checking the cemetery, which is one of the most historic in Anderson County, the decision was made to clean the gravestone of Confederate veteran George Richardson, who died in 1879, as the demonstration subject.  Dr. Julia Barnes is a member of Winnie Davis chapter, UDC, and Hudson Berry DAR.  Mike Barnes is a member of Palmetto Sharpshooters, Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The Richardson gravestone was covered with black algae and other growths.  The cleaner recommended by Dr. Barnes is D/2, a biocide that is recommended by the National Park Service and others because it is so safe to use on historic stones.  After the application of D/2 solution, the stone was left for about 15 minutes to allow the solution time to take effect.  During this time, Mr. Dalton discussed plans for the cemetery restoration and other work done in the area.

GOP Executive Committee Opposes Tax Hike Referendum PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 00:00

Six Republican Councilmen Ignore Grass Roots Leaders, Vote with Democrats for Tax Hike Resolution

Karen-Mims---6-4-14The Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee overwhelmingly passed a strongly worded resolution Tuesday night, May 27th,  “opposing the tax hike referendum and the tax hike itself.” They “implored the Republican majority on County Council to reject the referendum,” and “called upon the Greenville County Council to abandon the first and second readings which were done without representation of the Citizens of District 26.”

It was clear that minds were made up before the special called meeting. Only four committeemen spoke to the resolution before the question was called and discussion was ended by a majority vote.

Doug Wavle, Dean Allen and Karen Mims spoke in favor of the resolution opposing the tax hike referendum.

Greenville GOP Removed 14 Executive Committeemen PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 00:00

Committee Members Allegedly Violated Meeting Attendance Rules


Following lengthy, and sometimes emotional  debate and several preliminary votes, the Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee voted to remove fourteen of their members from the position they were elected to by their precinct organization.

The charge was that the committeemen failed to attend three or more meetings in violation of Party rules that prescribe removal if three meetings are missed by an Executive Committeeman who is the voting member representing the precinct organization.

The committee voted to delete two men from the expulsion list who were present and presented compelling justification for their actions. Most of those affected were not present.

Collins Elected American Legion Department of SC Commander PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Collins   
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 00:00
Sixteenth Regiment Presented Awards at State Convention PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 00:00

Greenville’s Sixteenth Regiment, SCV, was presented two important awards at the South Carolina Division Convention in Florence.

State Commander Mark Simpson presented the Division Recruitment Award to the Sixteenth Regiment. Former Commander David Wright accepted the award for the organization.

State Commander Mark Simpson presented the attendance award to Sixteenth Regiment Commander Doug Langley at the State Convention in Florence.


Ultimate Test of Open Primary PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 00:00

The ten June primary in South Carolina will be the ultimate test of the effectiveness of open primaries on Republican nominations. The contest between incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham and six opponents in the Republican Primary will be the most interesting race in South Carolina and one of the most interesting in the nation this primary season.

The Greenville County Republican Party has an active lawsuit in Federal Court challenging the South Carolina Election Commission and the state legislature on the constitutionality of the open primary system.

Most readers of this column know that any registered voter can vote to select the Republican nominee in a so-called Republican Primary in South Carolina. This is a political scam on the voters of South Carolina that allows liberal Democrats to be elected and serve as Republicans while voting against legitimate conservative Republicans and Republican-sponsored legislation in the South Carolina House and Senate or the US Congress.

School Board Considering More Tax Increases PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 00:00

Six Trustees in Even Number Districts up For Reelection


The Greenville County School Board will hold a public hearing on the 2014-2015 General Fund Budget at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 3rd.

At 6:30 following the 30-minute public hearing, the 12-member board will vote on the budget that may contain a tax increase. The Board has raised property taxes in five of the past six years. Citizens will be allowed three minutes each to comment on the budget, during the public hearing.

The Greenville County School Board is the 2nd largest employer in the County. They hire employees and set salaries for all teachers and administrators.

Six of the twelve board members in even numbered districts are up for reelection in November 2014.

Drum Major Marks 40 Years PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gilbert Scales   
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 00:00
Is Lindsey Graham a Conservative? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mike Scruggs   
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 00:00

Then Why Are Liberal PACs Spending Millions to Elect Him?

I am a North Carolinian, but I live 10 miles as the crow flies from the South Carolina border and 18 miles by road. My great grandfather and his father were born near Fountain Inn, South Carolina. I have family in South Carolina who vote. My wife and I frequently shop in South Carolina, and our favorite vacation spot is Charleston. Hence I have an interest in South Carolina politics.

For many weeks now I have heard radio advertisement after advertisement claiming that Lindsey Graham is a conservative. My brother in Myrtle Beach, who spent most of his working career as a marketing research consultant, counted Graham ads approximately every ten minutes on Fox Cable News and about one every 30 minutes on a radio talk station. Senator Graham’s advertising saturates the airways so thoroughly that it raises an important question: Who is pouring so much money into re-electing Graham to the U.S. Senate and why?

Great Scot Parade and Scottish Games Return to Upstate PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gilbert Scales   
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 00:00

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