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Tuesday, March 03, 2015 - 02:43 PM
“Obama-nation” Is At It Again PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Thompson   
Wednesday, 24 December 2014 00:00

Let’s call it “The Peanuts Rule.” Charles Schulz long running comic strip “Peanuts” features a number of characters, Charlie Brown and his nemesis Lucy among them. My least favorite story line was how gullible young Charlie always was to think that Lucy would alter her behavior, especially in pulling back the football. Really, how many times do one’s expectations go unfulfilled before a change in tactics gets implemented? Sorry, but the truth is that “Obama-nation” is also known as “slow-learners-R-us.”

Then again, rather than vilify the Lucy’s in your life perhaps she should serve as a cautionary tale for the naïve among us. Yes, let’s develop that story line a bit and realize we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Ronald Reagan, as he usually did, had it right when he said, “Trust, but verify.”

Christmas in Dixie: Act II PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 00:00


Lucy Allen and Marshall Goers were the featured musicians for Christmas in Dixie Act II. The couple are professional musicians and reside in Mauldin.

Allen was featured on the guitar and vocals. A native of Maryland, Allen holds a Ph.D. in folklore, took voice lessons and began playing guitar as an adolescent.

Marshall Goers played the guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, accordion and dulcimer. He began taking accordion lessons at age nine in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. His family moved to Kentucky where he became acquainted with Bluegrass. He studied piano and played some trombone.

GCRWC Paid Tribute to Deceased Members PDF Print E-mail
Written by Thomas C. Hanson   
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 00:00
GOP Suicide: Amnesty Now, Gun Control Next, Gone in 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mike Scruggs   
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 00:00

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

The origin of the quotation, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” is ancient and unknown.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has Prometheus say the words in his poem, The Masque of Pandora. Because it has the meter and theme common to ancient Greek tragedies, it was once attributed to Euripides (480-406 BC).   However, very similar quotations appear to be even more ancient. A common ancient variation attributes a man’s destruction to foolishness, especially in the sense of moral blindness, confused judgment, or willful rejection of self-evident truth. Several Biblical passages have this theme. Romans 1:22 says it plainest of all: “Claiming to be wise, they became fools.”

Durocher Family Band Bring Bluegrass/Gospel Ministry to S.C. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff West   
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 00:00


The Durocher Family Band recently blessed South Carolina with their music ministry.  The Durocher Family is a family band led by Paul and Judy Durocher, parents of twelve homeschooled children, nine of whom compose their bluegrass/gospel band.  Together all eleven of them travel around the country in a motorhome, performing their music and spreading the gospel.  They also present a ministry through their example of being homeschooled.  The Durochers recently played at Rev. E. Ray Moore’s Exodus Mandate ministry banquet, and later at Rev. Moore’s church in Columbia.  The Durocher Family is extremely talented, playing a mixture of predominantly Christian songs, some originals which they have written and arranged, along with traditional bluegrass standards.  They have wonderful harmonies and instrumentation, blending banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, bass and cello to produce beautiful music praising God.


The Dangerous Years PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 00:00

As a student of and a participant in a brief segment of Military History, it is my deeply held view that the next two years may be the most precarious and dangerous years the American people have faced since the 1860s, or maybe ever. The sad and tragic aspect of our situation is that we have brought it on ourselves by deliberate actions or through naïve ignorance.

Call me old-fashioned or a fanatic or whatever you choose, but in my view, most of us and all of our elected officials are looking for solutions in all the wrong places. Political parties and liberal judges don’t have the solutions. Before you can find a solution, you must define the problem. Our current national leaders can’t even bring themselves to call terrorists and known enemies by the right names. How can they be trusted to find workable solutions in our national interest?

A Taste of Anarchy and It Was Ugly PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vivian Bradburn - Union, SC   
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 00:00

The lawlessness we have witnessed in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, and New York, is not about justice being done, nor about fairness of the law. Far from it. lt was about young black men who believe that affronting the law is cool and macho. What happened in Ferguson was tragic, and avoidable.

Whether Michael Brown was a teenager, or unarmed, is irrelevant. He had only to step upon the sidewalk and keep walking, as the officer asked him to. There was nothing intimidating or unmanly about that request, but when he chose to confront the officer, he confronted the law, and he took it a step too far. At eighteen years old, he knew the law. He was no innocent child, as the media tried to picture him, and he was far from helpless. As a result, the country and the rest of the world have watched the sickening demonstrations of rioting and burning, and irrational displays of hate, and disrespect for the law. Blame has been heaped upon the officer who was doing his job, and defending himself (officers still have that right).

Chumley Leads Call for Special Session on Marriage PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Sullivan   
Wednesday, 10 December 2014 00:00

Using the Power of the Purse to Preserve Traditional Marriage

State Representative Bill Chumley (R-Spartanburg) is working with other conservatives to craft a response to the efforts of a few Federal judges to force South Carolina to legalize homosexual marriage. Rather than waiting on the legislature to convene in January, Rep. Chumley and other supporters of traditional marriage are calling on Governor Nikki Haley to call a special session of the General Assembly before more damage can be done by the Federal courts.

“We have to move quickly,” Chumley said. “Every day the Federal courts and their liberal enablers are working to destroy the traditional values of our society and marriage is the main line of attack.” 

Christmas in Dixie Opening Engagement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 10 December 2014 00:00


The Joyful Harps kicked off the first Friday night installment of Christmas in Dixie at the Museum and Library of Confederate History. The series is free to the public and will continue through December 26.

The Museum is located on 15 Boyce Avenue in the Historic Pettigru District of Greenville, near the Poinsett Club.

Council Pledges Help in Locating Vietnam War Memorial PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 10 December 2014 00:00


Greenville County Council has promised to help find a suitable location for the proposed memorial honoring American and Vietnamese veterans of the Vietnam War.

Bang Nguyen Hall, Vice President of the Greenville County Vietnamese-American community, appealed to the County Council for help during their December 2 meeting at County Square.

Mrs. Hall noted that Greenville is one of the 10 best places to live in the United States.

Fireworks Under the Big Tent PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 10 December 2014 00:00

Has the Republican Party declared war on Republicans? The first shots were fired during the last Republican National Convention, when obvious dirty tricks were played on key conservative delegates at critical times and during critical votes. Some were delayed from entering the convention floor. Others were kept on buses and not allowed to exit. It was the beginning of top down direction of the GOP. It is nothing new. The RNC is not being creative, they are simply copying the unethical practices of the liberal Democrats, and tragically, for the party and the republic, they have recruited “willful idiots” to support their agenda at the state and county level across the “fruited plane.”

In January, the United States Senate will have 54 members that call themselves Republicans. The House of Representatives will have a larger majority of members calling themselves Republicans than the current membership.

Reward Offered for Flag Vandal Arrest PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00

Greer Residents “Devastated” by Desecration of American Flag on Lighted Pole In Upscale Neighborhood

US-SC-Flag_Page-01On Wednesday, November 26, the day before Thanksgiving, Joe Barnett and his wife awoke to find their American and South Carolina flags cut from their twenty-foot lighted flag pole. They found the flags torn and on the ground. The American flag had been cut from the stars to the end of the third white stripe form the top.

The couple were devastated by what they found in their yard, because someone(s) had not only trespassed their private property, but had desecrated the American flag in this manner.

The incident was reported to the Greer Police Department and an award of $500 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the one(s) responsible.

This vicious and premeditated property destruction and flag desecration is especially hurtful for the Barnett family as their son is currently serving his country in harms way.

Micah Williams Honored by Greenville County Council PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00
County Republican Leadership Driving out Tea Party Conservatives PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00

Conservative Input Virtually Shut Out of Last Two Meetings


“Establishment” Republicans are now clearly in charge of the County Executive Committee. With the election of Attorney Chad Groover chairman, in a matter of months, Tea Party presence that one year ago had a strong presence in the Executive Committee has been driven out or   quit in protest. The remaining few have been silenced by the chairman.

Veteran party leaders who have worked to keep Greenville County out of the clutches of RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), are becoming discouraged .

Times Examiner Columnist Addresses American Legion PDF Print E-mail
Written by Staff Report   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00

DrAlSnyder-1Staff Report

Times Examiner columnist

Dr. Al Snyder, told the Green-ville American Legion Post in their monthly meeting last Tuesday that the Israel of today is still the nation that is special to God, just as it was during Biblical times. The Jewish people of Israel today are still "God's Chosen  People," according to "the everlasting covenant" made by God with Abraham some four thousand years ago.

Snyder is also a U.S. military veteran, having served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during the Korean War.. Snyder completed a nine-months-long course in microwave radio at Ft. Monmouth, N.J., graduated at the head of his class, and then was assigned to serve as an instructor. He also served for 21 years as a Christian missionary in Liberia, West Africa, and in Antigua, West Indies. Following that he served as a mass communications professor at Liberty  University for 17 years and at North Greenville University for five years. He retired in 1998, and began writing for The Times Examiner in 1999.

Riverside Boys 2014 Cross Country State Champions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00
Wake Up Sheeple! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00

Wake up sheeple! The hour is late and the windows of opportunity are closing. The agenda being implemented by the sixties radicals now in control of the Democrat Party is clear. There is no longer a need to speculate or depend upon some political analyst to give their analysis and interpretation of what these people are doing to our Constitutional Republic that they have incorrectly re-designated a Democracy.

They are a coalition of radical leftists, socialists and communists who prefer to be addressed by the politically-correct and deceptive label: Progressives. They are indoctrinated in and implementing the teachings of Sol Alinsky found in his book, Rules for Radicals, combined with the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Naivety Scene PDF Print E-mail
Written by Courtesy of Heidi Barnett   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00
Greer Middle College Boys Cross Country Team Won the SC 1A State Championship PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00
Citizen Warns of Potential Problems in Deal With Duke Power PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 00:00

Ed Paxton Was Lone Voice of Opposition During Public Hearing

EdPaxton_Page-01During their Tuesday, November 18 meeting, Greenville County Council held a public hearing on an ordinance to amend an agreement for the development of a joint county industrial and business park of Anderson and Greenville’s Counties so as to enlarge the park.

Duke Energy is part of the agreement involving a project secretly known as “Project Mystery Green.”

Addressing the council, retired engineer and former engineering company CEO Ed Paxton stated that  Duke has grown from a small company to the largest energy company in the nation and  was no longer what they once were.

NGU's Denton Awarded Army ROTC Scholarship PDF Print E-mail
Written by Press Release   
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 00:00


Tigerville, SC – LTC Gregory Scrivens, NGU’s Professor of Military Science, awarded a three-year $46,530 Army ROTC scholarship to Joseph Denton from Moncks Corner during halftime at Military Appreciation Day at the Crusaders final home football game on Saturday, November 15.

Denton completed Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training as a Combat Engineer this past summer.


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