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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 12:53 AM


First Published in 1994


The charge is sometimes made the creation is claim that evolutionary scientists in the government are hiding evidence in support of Biblical creation. While there may be some that take this kind of position, they are a definite minority. This claim requires a couple of false ideas. The first is that interpreting evidence is 100% objective and that some powerful evolutionists see the truth and are hiding it from people. Neither one of these is true, nor doesn't need to be for creation to be correct.

A primary requirement for a conspiracy theory would be the notion that there is a group of powerful people someplace who know the truth and are hiding it from everybody. In this particular case, the claim of a conspiracy that is hiding the evidence for creation requires a level of objectivity that if it existed would prevent a conspiracy against the truth from occurring. In other words, if such a group of people existed and were objective enough to see the truth of Biblical creation, they would also be objective enough to avoid trying to hide it. Consequently, the notion is based on a false premise.

The problem with this claim is that no such conspiracy is required. The pushing of the atheistic mythology of the Big Bang to man evolution is not about evidence, but about how the evidence that we have is interpreted. Specifically, creationists and evolutionists look at the world through two different world views and that is what makes the difference, not the evidence itself. Specifically, creationists look at the evidence through a Biblical theistic worldview, while evolutionists look at the evidence through an atheistic naturalistic materialistic worldview. These are two radically different perspectives.

The reason it appears to most people that the Big Bang to man and evolution is a proven fact is that that is the only perspective on the subject of ordinance that most people hear. Furthermore, we are taught to look at the evidence from an atheistic naturalistic materialistic perspective even if they are not atheists. As a result, there are a lot of people who believe in God who also believe in this atheistic mythology simply because that is what they were taught, and they have been taught to think about the evidence only in that manner, they can only see the evidence from any other perspective.

The simple fact of the matter is, that the overwhelming majority of creationists do not claim any kind of conspiracy against biblical creation. Now you could consider people being blinded by Satan as a conspiracy but that is not what is being claimed. The claim is about a human conspiracy, not satanic activity. This claim is made up by evolutionists as a way of attacking creationists and nothing more.

So not only is there no need for creation used to hold to any conspiracy theory but most creationists hold to no such thing. The truth is that evolutionists are looking at the evidence from a worldview that is contrary to the Bible and consequently interpret the evidence that they see from a perspective that is contrary to the Bible. No conspiracy is required; they are simply locked into seeing the evidence from an atheistic naturalistic materialistic perspective.

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