On Saturday, March 25, 2017, the SC Division CofC had the privilege of conducting a Dedication Ceremony for the Southern Cross of Honor and grave marker of Private William M. Pendleton, who served in Company G, Capt. J. F. Specks Company, 57th North Carolina, State Troops, in the War Between the States. The ceremony was held in the cemetery of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Clover, SC. Chapter members from Jeanie Benson 884 and Caroline S. Coleman 537 CofC were participants in the event.

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GreatCraneBreak 12-7-16

SIMPSONVILLE — Members of the South Carolina Societies of the SAR and DAR met Dec. 3 at Historic Hopkins Farm to commemorate the 241st anniversary of the Battle of the Great Cane Brake. The annual event is sponsored by the Col. Robert Anderson Chapter.

Chapter President Bill Kivett began with welcome remarks and an introduction about the battle. The SAR Color Guard posted the colors.

Pledges were led by Jacob Williamson, Monte Hart II and Monte A. Hart. Chapter Historian Glenn Farrow provided a detailed history about the battle, which was part of what would become known as the Snow Campaign. Several SAR and DAR chapters presented wreaths.

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American Legion Post 214 at Porter Chapel honoring Philip Porter Revolutionary War Patriot on Veterans Day. Philip is Charlie Porter’s 3rd Great Grandfather born in 1775. Left to right: Pete Bellinger, Charlie Porter, Peter Butchart, Post 214 Adjutant Carroll Kelley, Trumpteer Jamie Richards, JD Norris from the Andrews Pickens Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) in Greenville and Donny Carson from the Gen. Daniel Morgan SAR in Spartanburg.

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Joseph Evan Davis 907 Children of the Confederacy Chapter President Matthew Myers of Belton, and Vice President Allison Bolt of Taylors, enjoyed a weekend trip to historic Richmond, Virginia. They toured the White House of the Confederacy and Civil War Museum.  Among the many artifacts enjoyed during the tour was the field tent of General Lee, his saddle and the hat he wore at the Surrender at Gettysburg.  After leaving Richmond, they toured Shirley Plantation.

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CofC 10-19-16

A joint meeting of Joseph Evan Davis 907, Children of the Confederacy (Greenville) and Bonnie Blue Flag Chapter 789 Children of the Confederacy (Anderson), was held on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 16, 2016, on the beautiful front piazza of the historic Woodburn Plantation.  This lovely home had been recommended by Dr. Tim Drake of Belton and Michael Barnes of Honea Path.  The two men are both descendants of the Pinckney family from two brothers of Charles Pinckney and have worked with the CofC and UDC Chapters for several years.  The Children were accompanied by several members of the Robert E. Lee 146 UDC Chapter in Anderson, the Winnie Davis 442 UDC Chapter in Greenville, and members from the SCV.

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There were many special and exciting moments at the first meeting of the year for Winnie Davis 442 in Greenville, SC.  The meeting was held at the home of Chapter President Pamela Durham.  She opened the meeting with ritual and prayer, and then welcomed all members and visitors.  

The first action of the meeting was the installation of 2nd Vice President & Treasurer Dona Morgan of Taylors, who was absent from the May meeting in which the rest of the Chapter officers were installed.  The next item on the agenda was the presentation of new member and supplemental certificates.  

Dona Morgan of Taylors received certificates for the research on service of her ancestors John T. White, Marshall Frank Fowler and James L. Fowler.  Pamela Durham of Greenville received certificates for the research on service of her ancestors John Hamilton and John Ogletree.  Julia Barnes of Honea Path received certificates for the service of her ancestors Isaac Smith, Wesley Sexton, and Francis B. Davis.  Angela Gray of Honea Path received a certificate for research on her ancestor Richard Sentelle Osteen.  Rhonda “Ziggy” Spearman of Honea Path received a certificate for the service of her ancestor Micager Camp.  

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