Fort Benning’s Col. Colin Mahle proceeded with recommendations from the Congressionally-mandated Naming Commission to cover or remove certain names on the Ranger Memorial associated with the Confederacy, even though they served the United States honorably, retired Brig. Gen. Joseph Stringham, Chairman of the National Ranger Memorial Foundation, wrote in a letter on April 28. Not only did the [naming] commission dishonor the Rangers commemorated, but hiding the names denies free expression of those who contributed to the memorial . . .

Confederate names removed from the Ranger Memorial

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Elizabeth Warren's renaming legislation has shredded the fabric of our country. Destroying the 109 year old Confederate Memorial in Arlington is next. Over 44% of our military has traditionally been recruited in the South. But to serve today, Southerners have to accept Warren's LIE that they have traitor blood flowing through their veins.

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[Publisher's Note, by Gene Kizer, Jr. - In 'Covers Up History': Retired Army Rangers Hammer The Pentagon For Purging Confederates From The Ranger Memorial, Micaela Burrow of the Daily Caller News Foundation writes:

The U.S. Army’s order to scrub names on the Ranger Memorial thought to be associated with the Confederacy is an affront to the legacy of the Rangers and free speech, retired U.S. Rangers told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Fort Benning’s commander proceeded with recommendations from a Pentagon commission to cover or remove certain names, even though they were wrongly identified as offensive, according to National Ranger Memorial Foundation chairman Brig. Gen. Joseph Stringham.

“I’ve paid for my right to free speech in blood and agony. Others paid a lot more,” retired Ranger 1st Lt. Richard Fincher told the DCNF.

Free speech does not matter to Elizabeth Warren and her Woke naming commission with its erasure of history and false report to Congress.

The dishonoring of the Ranger Memorial is the most recent outrage but the coveted goal of naming commission vice chair Ty Seidule is the demolition of the 109 year old Confederate Reconciliation Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery.

It is hard to imagine what's in the heart of a person that could demolish a magnificent 109 year old monument surrounded by 500 graves in concentric circles symbolizing the reunification of our country after a war in which 750,000 died and over a million were maimed, but here is what Seidule wrote on page 162 of his hate screed Robert E. Lee and Me:

Of the thousands of monuments around the country to the Confederacy, the one in Arlington National Cemetery angers me the most. Every year, the commander in chief sends a wreath, ensuring the Confederate monument receives all the prestige of the U.S. government. That's why it riles me so much. . . .

Seidule then admits that the Confederate Memorial stands for reconciliation but he leaves that critical fact out of the naming commission's report to Congress, thus he made the report false by the omission of critical facts he knew well. He continues on page 162 of Robert E. Lee and Me:

I know both political parties and white citizens in the North and South brought the country back together after the tremendous bloodletting and destruction of the Civil War. The posts named for Confederate officers during World War I also served to knit white America back together as it fought a common foe. And it worked, but we must recognize that reconciliation came at a steep and horrifying cost. African Americans paid the price with lynching, Jim Crow segregation, and the loss of the franchise. The price for white reconciliation remains far too high. (Bold emphasis added.)

In the past, military service was revered in the South where 44.1% of the U.S. Military was recruited but Seidule's clear message is: Southerners you are not welcome in the military today unless you agree to a LIE, that your blood is the blood of traitors.

Warren's legislation, which could have been stopped by then Republican chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Jim Inhofe, is the epitome of what Orwell warned about in 1984 when he wrote:

Who controls the past controls the future: Who controls the present controls the past.

But Inhofe lied to President Trump when he promised to stop Warren. I am a Republican but the national Republican Party, except for President Trump and a few others, is the most worthless cowardly stupid party in American history that NEVER stands up for its voters.

Where is Tom Cotton? Josh Hawley? Nancy Mace? Joe Wilson? Do they agree with Elizabeth Warren that their voters have traitor blood in them?

The Southern states with their Confederate history are mostly Red States, and the Northern (Union) states of Elizabeth Warren and naming commission historian, Connor Williams, are mostly Blue States.

This is 100% politics and not history.

Warren, Williams and Seidule don't want you to know, or they don't know themselves, that the Blue States brought all the slaves here shackled on their backs in vomit and feces for months through the Middle Passage for Yankee money.

Do you think virtue signaling Elizabeth Warren cares that New York and her Boston were the largest slave trading ports on the planet during the War Between the States, some 54 years after the slave trade was outlawed by the U.S. Constitution?

Elizabeth Warren's New Englanders brought ALL the slaves here. They built their economies on the slave trade before the Revolution then continued selling black people illegally for Yankee profit the entire antebellum period, until well after the War Between the States, because slavery was still legal in Brazil and Cuba.

The founder of Brown University, John Brown, not the infamous John Brown of Harpers Ferry but John Brown, American patriot, of Providence, Rhode Island, famously said:

[T]here was no more crime in bringing off a cargo of slaves than in bringing off a cargo of jackasses.

W. E. B. Du Bois in his famous book, The Suppression of the African Slave-Trade to the United States of America 1638-1870, writes that Boston, New York and Portland, Maine were the largest slave trading ports on earth in 1862, a year into the War Between the States:

The number of persons engaged in the slave-trade, and the amount of capital embarked in it, exceed our powers of calculation. The city of New York has been until of late [1862] the principal port of the world for this infamous commerce; although the cities of Portland and Boston are only second to her in that distinction. Slave dealers added largely to the wealth of our commercial metropolis; they contributed liberally to the treasuries of political organizations, and their bank accounts were largely depleted to carry elections in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Those places were not fighting to end slavery. They were fighting for political power, money and control, just like Elizabeth Warren is today. Power, money and control are why all wars are fought.

Do you think that Elizabeth Warren even knows that there were more slave states in the Union when the war started than in the Confederacy, and that six slave states fought for the Union the entire war? West Virginia came into the Union as a slave state warmly welcomed by Abraham Lincoln just weeks after he issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

Do you think the political propagandists Warren, Williams, and Seidule know that New York, Rhode Island, and Virginia all reserved the right of secession before ratifying the United States Constitution? All the other states accepted the reserved right of secession of New York, Rhode Island and Virginia thus they had it too because all states are equal and entered the Union as equals with the exact same rights.

Our country was born from the secession of 13 colonies from the British empire. Secession was in the DNA of everybody, North and South.

You can't have freedom if there is no way you can divorce yourself from a government that becomes tyrannical.

The evidence is overwhelming of the right of secession, which is why New England threatened to do it so many times.

That Warren, Williams and Seidule do not know this, or reject it, proves they do not understand or care about American history.

They are pushing leftist political hate to the Blue States' base. Tearing down the monuments and dishonoring the patriotic history of the Red States gives them power, which is exactly why rioters in the streets destroyed monuments after George Floyd's death. They want the power that comes with being able to destroy.



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