Despite a week-long, FULL-frontal attempt by the power-hungry powerbrokers (who previously seemed to RUN the GCRP with an iron fist) demanding that voting members vote AGAINST the motions presented, each one was easily passed by the body of the GCRP.

This fact deserves repeating: every moment possible spent on phone calls, emails, text messages, & private group posts begging voting members of the Greenville Republican party to vote AGAINST every motion presented at the special meeting, not a SINGLE motion failed. There is no way for those who are “at the top” of the county party, who have shown themselves to be acting in bad faith, to spin this reality into anything other than what it was: A win for truth & transparency, and a loss for the would-be tyrants that have used intimidation, lawfare, threats & whisper campaigns of slanderous hate who have wrested control of the party in recent years from the people they falsely claimed to represent.

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The tap root of authentic music is authentic culture, and when a culture dies, so does the music it generated. Years ago, country-music legend Loretta Lynn, quite correctly, pronounced country music dead.

The Southern Anglo-Celtic agrarian culture that had generated the country-western-blue-glass genres had been eroded by industrial mass and mono-culture, by political centralization, and by the philistinism of the music industry. In "Gone Country", Alan Jackson had warned us about opportunists, imposters, and profiteering outsiders.

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Dollar Tree with Pride Display

My 13-year-old daughter and I walked into a dollar tree this afternoon to find a “pride” display at the end of an aisle. We talked about the display and what it meant. How it went against GOD’s standards. The standards he has set for us.

I’m so happy my daughter is choosing to follow GOD’s standards by getting baptized this Sunday. There are many that will accuse Christians of judging the ”pride” campaign and not accepting their lifestyle. Well, that’s not the case.

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The colorful City of Charleston, South Carolina's Holy City; is wonderful to visit throughout the year. Its colorful Botanical gardens, Beaches, nightlife, colorful history, and glorious Downtown has drawn people to its city from around the country and around the world thru the years. But one Tourist attraction stands on its own as a Classic Charleston awesome Historic site and landmark---the beautiful Charleston Custom House. The People of Greenville County should make a trip down to Charleston to tour this Low-country edifice soon. 

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History is full of ironies and unexpected outcomes. The woke globalists running the Biden regime — quite unintentionally — are destroying the Yankee empire born in 1865 -the same power structure they captured by election theft in 2020 and 2022 to forward their agenda. So evil, by its nature, tends to self-division and self-defeat, since it derives its enabling power parasitically from admixed elements of good. And the good in this case are the tens of millions of disfranchised, powerless and hapless Americans who work hard and love America.

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