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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 01:22 AM


First Published in 1994


The United States now desperately needs -- but will not get -- a non-interventionist foreign policy.

It will not get it for deep structural reasons: because the Yankee Empire, with its massive and unreformable imperial apparatus in DC and elsewhere, will not allow it. That is why the anti-American globalist Deep State found Trump the America-first non-interventionist intolerable, barred him from office by election theft in 2020, and will almost certainly bar him again in 2024.

That means the US will now slog along to its national death, stained with the blood of innocent others and sullied in reputation — having now slouched past Gomorrah and into, even, the genocidal -- until it falls finally of its own weight, like a murderous but exhausted monster. And that unhappy and inglorious end may well come soon, to the relieved cheers of a world freed from bullying and torment by a dark colossus.

In the span of 235 short years, calls for God to bless America — here and abroad -- have given way to anguished and furious and wholly reasonable cries in behalf of its now multitudinous victims for God to punish and damn the United States.

Americans —alas -- have forgotten that the first step to real national defense — a step the Yankee Empire jettisoned long ago, in the 1860s — is a country's commitment, after securing its borders, to BOTH KNOW AND MIND ITS OWN BUSINESS, AND TO LEAVE OTHER NATIONS ALONE. Reduce threats by reducing threatenings: funny how that works. A simple playground truth we have forgotten.

The current Yankee Empire, by its inherently aggressive posture abroad, generates conflicts and wars continuously. And such of course is welcomed and fueled by the corrupt and profiteering military-industrial complex.

Neocons would have us all believe that the only options are confrontational postures abroad or national surrender. They, of course, are fools and liars. And when the Yankee Empire soon falls, and the forced Union breaks up, their bloody, globalist, high-stakes game of RISK will be over, and they will have to get real jobs — perhaps ones that actually benefit society for a change.

Meanwhile, to the poor suffering folk in Ukraine and Palestine, America says: "Have a Merry bloody Christmas season. And, while we 'good Christians' here in the States sip eggnog in safety and prosperity and comfort, HEADS UP!! --courtesy of the 'good ole' red, white, and blue."

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